BBC Ransomware

What is BBC Ransomware?

BBC Ransomware is one of those malicious applications that encrypt files. As a result, users cannot open the affected files. If they have backup copies, they can replace encrypted data, but if not, the affected files could be lost forever. Hackers behind the malware may say that they have decryption tools that could restore all encrypted files, but there are no guarantees that they will send such tools to you or still have them when it is time to deliver them. The more frustrating part is that cybercriminals ask to pay for the offered decryption tools and want to be paid first, which makes the whole deal very risky. If you want to know more about what this malware does and how you could erase it from your system, we invite you to read the rest of this article. Also, you might be interested in the deletion instructions available below if you decide to remove BBC Ransomware manually.testtest

Where does BBC Ransomware come from?

In many cases, malicious applications like BBC Ransomware sneak in through spam emails, unsecured Remote Desktop Protocol connections, and harmful files obtained through unreliable file-sharing websites. Therefore, our researchers at recommend being more careful with data from the Internet, especially if it originates from unreliable file-sharing sites or senders. Also, we highly recommend ensuring that your RDP connections are secure and that no one can misuse them to plant malware on your system. To secure such connections, you should set up a strong password and enable Two-Factor authentication if it is possible. Of course, it would be good to get a legitimate antimalware tool that could identify various threats and prevent them from entering your system.

How does BBC Ransomware work?

The malicious application should target all files except data with the .com and .mpg extensions that is located in the %USERPROFILE%, %APPDATA%, %HOMEDRIVE%, and %PROGRAMFILES% folders or even their subfolders. If you are unsure whether BBC Ransomware encrypted your files, you should take a look at their full titles. If they have an extension that is made from a unique ID number, email address, and .bbc part, for example, .[B4A6FEC6-2893].[].bbc.

After encrypting files, BBC Ransomware should create a text document called info.txt as well as a file titled info.hta that should open a window with a full ransom note. According to the note, the malicious application encrypted files with a strong encryption system, and they cannot be restored without unique decryption tools that only the hackers who created this malware have. The note should also say that such tools can be obtained only after contacting the hackers and paying a ransom. To convince you to pay the ransom, hackers might allow you to send up to 5 files for free decryption. Unfortunately, such files cannot be important, and, most importantly, their decryption does not guarantee that hackers will hold on to their word.

How to erase BBC Ransomware?

If you decide not to put up with any demands, we recommend concentrating on how to erase BBC Ransomware from your system. You could try to get rid of it manually, but keep it in mind that the task could be challenging. If you still want to remove the threat manually, the instructions below this paragraph might be of use to you. An easier way to erase BBC Ransomware is to employ a legitimate antimalware tool that would eliminate the malicious application for you.

Restart your system in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows 8/Windows 10

  1. Click Windows key+I if you have Windows 8 or open the Start menu if you use Windows 10.
  2. Click the Power button.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and click Restart.
  4. Select Troubleshoot and pick Advanced Options.
  5. Click Restart after the Startup Settings window gets loaded.
  6. Press the F5 key to restart.

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Navigate to Start, access the Shutdown options, and click Restart.
  2. Press and hold the F8 key when the device starts restarting.
  3. Choose Safe Mode with Networking from the Advanced Boot Options window.
  4. Click Enter and log on to the computer.

Delete BBC Ransomware

  1. Press Windows key+E.
  2. Search these directories:
  3. Look for the malware’s installer, right-click the malicious file, and press Delete.
  4. Check your Desktop.
  5. Find files named info.txt and info.hta, right-click them, and choose Delete.
  6. Exit File Explorer.
  7. Empty Recycle Bin.
  8. Restart the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of BBC Ransomware*

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