What is virus? virus is not exactly a computer virus. A computer virus infects user’s computer directly, while this fake alert simply locks up your web browser. Nevertheless, you can still close your browser and avoid paying any money to virus. The main server for this fake alert is no longer working, but if you happen to encounter the false message delivered via domain, you should not panic. Simply close your browser window and avoid visiting unfamiliar websites that might cause this fake alert to appear. Once again, this disturbing fake alert DOES NOT affect your PC.testtest

Where does virus come from? virus is a server-side script that appears on a fake webpage. It means that you will see this fake alert when you visit particular corrupted websites that make use of it. We have seen several similar websites before, including and These fake website scripts function similarly to ransomware infections, and we can make an assumption that they are created by the same cybercriminals as FBI Ukash Virus, Metropolitan police Virus and similar ransomware programs.

However, it is clear that virus is not an actual infection, and it is not as dangerous as genuine ransomware programs.

What does virus do?

As you can probably tell, virus displays a fake notification when you trigger it, visiting a corrupted website. This fake alert pretends to be a legitimate message by “National Security Agency and Central Security Service.” Just like other real ransomware programs, virus tries to convince you that you have illegal files on your PC, by claiming that:


ALL PC DATA WILL BE DETAINED. YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED. virus makes an impression that you no longer can use or close your browser. It also claims that you have broken several national and international laws related to cybercrime. You are urged to pay a fine via alternative payment services (like Ukash or PaySafeCard), and virus says that when you pay the fine, the security lock will unlock your browser and all the charges will be cleared.

How to remove virus?

Needless to say, that such claims are absolute lies, and you should not pay attention to virus. You do not have any illegal files and this fake alert cannot affect your PC. In order to get rid of it, you simply need to close your browser. For the most part, closing Google Chrome should not be hard. However, sometimes virus resists being closed, so you need to force the process to shut down via Windows Task Manager.

We provide manual virus removal instructions below this description. If you think that your computer might be exposed to potential threats, you can also run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner.

How to forcefully close my browser

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Windows Task Manager will pop up.
  2. Click Processes tab and click on your browser’s process (iexplore.exe, firefox.exe or chrome.exe).
  3. Press End Process button and then click End Process on a pop-up box again.
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