What is Backdoor.Bedep?

According to our malware researchers, Backdoor.Bedep can install without permission, silently connect to the Internet, slow down your computer, and slow down the Internet connection. Needless to say, Backdoor.Bedep is not an infection that you can ignore. This backdoor Trojan is extremely dangerous, because it can download malware onto your computer without any of your notice. The main task for this threat is to create a botnet, which is a collection of internet-connected programs employed to perform certain tasks, and to distribute malware. Needless to say, if you do not remove Backdoor.Bedep from your operating system fast, you could find your PC paralyzed by various Trojans, ransomware infections, and other threats that you will also need to delete. Do you know if you need to delete Backdoor.Bedep? Do you know how to delete this infection and keep it away in the future? These are the questions that we have addressed in this report.

How does Backdoor.Bedep travel?

Backdoor.Bedep has a silent installer, and malware researchers have discovered that this installer could be attached to misleading downloads. Backdoor.Bedep is usually distributed using malvertising attacks. “Malvertising” is a term used when discussing malicious advertisements that generally camouflage the installers of malware behind seemingly authentic offers. It has been discovered in our internal lab that Backdoor.Bedep could be spread using a fake flash player installer. If you end up installing the fake program or a fake update, the backdoor will be infiltrated without your notice. Soon after, Backdoor.Bedep might start downloading malware from the Internet. Unfortunately, you might have no clue that you need to delete other malicious programs associated with Backdoor.Bedep, because it is most likely that all of your attention will be focused on the CTB-Locker, and infection that travels bundled with Backdoor.Bedep. This malicious ransomware can encrypt your personal files and demand a ransom of 0.2 BTC (around $24). If you need more information on CTB-Locker and its removal, be sure to check the report that has been created after analyzing this ransomware.

How to remove Backdoor.Bedep

During the research, it has been discovered that the files of Backdoor.Bedep can use fictitious metadata to trick users into thinking that these files are not associated with malware. Of course, an authentic, automatic malware removal tool would not be fooled by this trick, and this is why we recommend installing it on your PC to delete Backdoor.Bedep. The manual removal of this threat is incredibly difficult and complicated, and you shouldn't even consider it, especially if you have no experience with similar threats and their removal. Are you not sure if you need to remove Backdoor.Bedep from your PC? If an authentic security tool has been employed and it has not detected this backdoor, it is unlikely that you need to worry about the removal. Otherwise, you can use a malware scanner to figure things out.

Delete Backdoor.Bedep

  1. Launch a browser.
  2. Type onto the address bar and tap Enter.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the automatic malware removal tool.
  5. Scan your computer and then click Fix Threats to delete the detected malware. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Backdoor.Bedep*

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