What is Backdoor.Athena?

It is possible Backdoor.Athena is a Trojan application created to fight cyber-crime. Apparently, the program was designed by the United States government and a company titled Siege Technologies. Our researchers say the infection may allow the one using it to get access to another computer, gather information from such device, install software on it without the user’s permission, and so on. Of course, we cannot be one hundred percent sure since we could not obtain any samples and test it on our own. Thus, mainly all the information about it comes from leaked Backdoor.Athena documents that were recently uploaded on the Internet by WikiLeaks. Further, in the article, we will present the information we were able to find about this Trojan, so if you came here to find out about it, we encourage you to have a look at the rest of our report.

Who developed Backdoor.Athena?

Just as we said at the beginning Backdoor.Athena was created by the United States secret services while cooperating with a company titled Siege Technologies. Its name is mentioned in the Trojan’s documents that were leaked via WikiLeaks ( From what we have learned it is a cybersecurity company based in the United States. The company’s official website ( says Siege Technologies “delivers offense-driven defensive cyber security solutions in the private and government sectors.” It appears to be that its employees “believe that a strong defense starts with a good offense.” The explanation next to this statement claims the company’s approach is to find weak parts in the client’s system and then develop solutions to eliminate these vulnerabilities.

How does Backdoor.Athena work?

Backdoor.Athena is written in Python, C++, bash, and other programming languages. It can hack into any Windows operating system and possibly even Linux. Also, it is known the application has two tools titled Athena-Alpha and Athena_Bravo. Both of them exploit different services and DLL files to get into the targeted system. Our researchers say it has seven components: Builder, Tasker, Parser, Listening Post, Installer, RamOnly, and OffLine. With such components the malware can build scripts or offline scripts; execute, get set, delete or perform other actions with commands; decode target’s response; interact with the remove target; install DLL on the system; gain full or the so-called root access; and so on. Once installed, Backdoor.Athena could steal information from the computer, install other software, launch or delete data, and do other similar activities alike without the targeted system noticing anything.

How to erase Backdoor.Athena?

Given Backdoor.Athena was developed by United States government while cooperating with a cybersecurity company and it is possibly used to fight cybercrime, we doubt you will ever encounter it. What we mean is that it is unlikely the malware would be spread among common users. Therefore, we do not think there is any use in explaining how to get rid of it. More than that, it would be difficult to tell the process as we could not test the Trojan ourselves. Under such circumstances, if this was just another infection created for malicious purposes and targeted at computer users, we would advise our readers to employ a legitimate antimalware tool and not to take any chances with it. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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