Awesome Movies Search

What is Awesome Movies Search?

Awesome Movies Search might provide a useful feature that allows to search for movies and TV series, but users ought to know that it falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. It means that the extension could have unwanted or irritating functionality. If you want to learn more about it, we encourage you to read our full article, in which we discuss how this application might be spread, how it might work, and how to erase it if you no longer wish to keep it on your browser. If you scroll below the article you can find our deletion instructions that show how to remove Awesome Movies Search from Google Chrome. The reason we do not provide instructions for users of other browsers is that the potentially unwanted program seems to be compatible only with Google Chrome.test

Where does Awesome Movies Search come from?

Some users may download Awesome Movies Search from its homepage called, while others could get it from the Chrome Web Store page. According to the mentioned platform’s statistics, the extension has over four hundred thousand users and a 4.4 rating. Thus, it seems to be rather popular. It is possible that like other potentially unwanted programs, the application could be distributed through bundled software installers, pop-up ads, and redirects, although we cannot be sure. For users who want to avoid installing potentially unwanted programs, our specialists at recommend researching desired tools very carefully. It is vital to know if your chosen tool has good expert reviews and if it comes from a reputable company.

How does Awesome Movies Search work?

According to the application’s description, Awesome Movies Search is an “easy and fun way to watch trailers, explore popular movies and TV shows.” It also explains that you can find the mentioned content by clicking the extension’s icon that ought to appear on your Google Chrome after its installation. However, it is not all that this application does. It seems it might also change a user’s homepage with a specific search website called Our researchers say that it does not display results itself, as the potentially unwanted program’s search engine may redirect users to

You may wonder why not make Yahoo search engine as your homepage instead if searching the Internet via will get you there anyway. It is possible that the application could use its search website to show you third-party ads. As you see its Privacy Policy says that “We allow certain companies to serve advertisements and/or personalized content and collect information within our Site or Service.”

Naturally, if you do not like the idea that your homepage might get replaced or that the application or its third-party partners could gather information about your browsing and use it to show you ads, you could get rid of Awesome Movies Search.

How to erase Awesome Movies Search?

As any other Google Chrome extension, the application can be removed via the browser’s extensions menu. If you have no idea how to delete Awesome Movies Search this way, you could use the instructions available below. Also, like most potentially unwanted programs, it could be erased with a legitimate antimalware tool. Thus, if you want to eliminate Awesome Movies Search and you prefer using automatic features, you should get yourself a reliable security tool.

Eliminate Awesome Movies Search

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Insert chrome://extensions into the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Search for Awesome Movies Search and click Remove.
  4. Confirm you wish to Remove it.
  5. Close your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Awesome Movies Search*

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