Autotron Ransomware

What is Autotron Ransomware?

If your files became unrecognizable and they now have a .tron extension at the end, you most likely came across a malicious program known as Autotron Ransomware. The threat is capable of locking different file types with a secure cryptosystem. Unfortunately, the only way to restore such data is with a decryption tool and a unique decryption key. The bad news is that if there is anyone who has a decryptor, it is the malware’s developers, and according to the ransom note they leave behind they want money in return for providing it. Sadly, even if they claim they will not trick you and will deliver the tool as promised, in the end, there are no reassurances they will hold on to their end of the deal. Knowing this we would advise against paying a ransom; no matter how important your data might be. For more details about Autotron Ransomware we invite you to read our report, and if you decide it would be best to get rid of it, you could use the deletion instructions located at the end of this page.test

How does Autotron Ransomware work?

The most interesting part about Autotron Ransomware is it can lock only those files which are less than 15728640 bytes. In other words, if the file is larger, the malicious program should not encrypt it. Besides, our researchers at noticed the malware also chooses the data to encrypt based on the location it is in. To be more precise, in one directory (e.g., %USERPROFILE%\Documents) the malicious program can encrypt executable files, but it cannot lock such data in some of its other targeted locations (e.g., %APPDATA%, %LOCALAPPDATA%, and so on). As explained in the beginning, each affected file is supposed to have a specific second extension, e.g., picture.jpg.tron, text.docx.tron, and so on.

Afterward, Autotron Ransomware should create quite a few text documents called README.txt. No doubt, inside of them the user should find a ransom note. In short, the text asks to pay a ransom in Bitcoins and guarantees the files will be decrypted by the infection’s creators after they get the money. It is quite possible the malicious program’s developers could be lying and may have no intention to help you. Such a possibility arises from the fact the files do not get to be decrypted automatically, and the hackers do not explain how they will decrypt user’s data. For all we know, it is possible they do not even have the needed decryption tools. Not to mention, the price is not specific, and it is not clear how many Bitcoins would satisfy Autotron Ransomware’s creators. What we are trying to say the chances are you could lose your savings in vain. Provided, you do not want to risk losing your money we encourage you to erase the malware and search for other ways to get your data back.

How to erase Autotron Ransomware

There are two ways to remove Autotron Ransomware, so you can choose the method depending on your skills. Users who are at least a bit experienced with deleting malware could use the instructions located a bit below this text as they will tell what to do step by step. As for less experienced users, we would advise installing a legitimate antimalware tool. Keep it in mind such software could not only allow you to clean the system from this file-encrypting infection and other possible threats, but also stay on guard and keep the computer safe.

Get rid of Autotron Ransomware

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Search for the malware’s process.
  4. Select this process and click End Task.
  5. Leave Task Manager.
  6. Tap Windows key+E.
  7. Navigate to the following paths:
  8. Find the file that infected the device.
  9. Right-click the malicious file and press Delete.
  10. Find all files titled README.txt.
  11. Right-click the ransom notes separately and choose Delete.
  12. Close File Explorer.
  13. Empty your Recycle bin.
  14. Restart the system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Autotron Ransomware*

Stop these Autotron Ransomware Processes:


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