Autismlocker Ransomware

What is Autismlocker Ransomware?

Autismlocker Ransomware is an incredibly creepy infection that is capable of locking the screen and creating an illusion that the victim needs to either kill someone or send photos in which they are nude. Needless to say, the first option should not be even considered, but sending personal photos is not necessary either, and that is because the infection is a simple screen-locker that can be disabled very easily. Hopefully, you are not reading this after sending any photos or communicating with the malicious schemers who have created the infection. Our research team at has found an easy way for you to disable the lock and then remove Autismlocker Ransomware. Can you ignore the infection once you regain access to the operating system? You certainly cannot, and that is because the malicious files of this threat could easily be converted and used in other malicious ways. It appears that they could even encrypt data! Continue reading to learn how to successfully delete this malware ASAP.test

How does Autismlocker Ransomware work?

We do not encounter threats like Autismlocker Ransomware very often. Most ransomware infections that we see are successful file-encryptors that demand monetary ransoms in return for decryption keys or tools. Then there is a group of malware that is built simply to test out the waters. Then, we have fake ransomware infections, such as screen-lockers. Autismlocker Ransomware is one of them. The problem is that inexperienced users might have a hard time distinguishing between real encryptors and misleading screen-lockers. It all comes down to the threat’s ability to paralyze the system and then introduce them to a truly intimidating message. The message informs that a special code is required for the system to unlock. To obtain the code, the victim needs to send to either 15 nude photos or a recording of the victim killing children, which is mind-blowing that cyber criminals even come up with demands like that. Clearly, the message was created by someone who has anti-Semitic sentiments. One of the lines in the message reads: “Remember, Hitler did nothing wrong.” Without a doubt, your only focus should be the removal of this threat when you get a message like that.

It is most likely that the malicious Autismlocker Ransomware entered your operating system using a clever camouflage. Maybe it was concealed as a document file that was sent to you via email. Maybe it was introduced to you as an image file or a link to a webpage via social network platforms. If you do not want to face infections again, without a doubt, you need to be more careful. Remember that any click you make could lead to scams and malware. To be on the safe side, do not download unfamiliar files and programs that are presented via unreliable sites. Do not interact with suspicious advertisements. Do not open spam emails or the content attached to them. If you encounter anything suspicious, immediately run a full system scan to make sure that threats have not invaded your operating system. The sooner you delete them, the safer you are. If you are already dealing with the removal of Autismlocker Ransomware, you need to figure out where the launcher of this malicious threat has landed.

How to remove Autismlocker Ransomware

Before you delete Autismlocker Ransomware from your operating system, you need to unlock your screen, and our research team informs that “12324354” is the official code that unlocks the screen. In fact, any letters or numbers typed into the code area should make the screen-locker crash because it is built poorly. Alternatively, in theory, you could also launch Task Manager (tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select the tool) and then kill the malicious process representing the threat. Should you choose to operate via Task Manager, right-click the malicious process and select “Open File Location” first to find the malicious executable. If you do not feel ready to delete Autismlocker Ransomware manually, you should think about utilizing a legitimate anti-malware program. We suggest installing it for full-time protection anyway, so you might as well do it now. If you still do not know what you should do, we encourage you to start a conversation in the comments area right below the removal instructions.

Removal Instructions

  1. Enter 12324354 into the code area to unlock the screen.
  2. Delete all recently downloaded suspicious files and the Autismlocker folder in same directory.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin and then perform a full system scan using a legitimate malware scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Autismlocker Ransomware*

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