Aubamy Downloader

What is Aubamy Downloader?

Aubamy Downloader is an untrustworthy add-on targeted at users who browse with Google Chrome. The extension might be distributed through suspicious pop-up ads found on unreliable web pages. Our researchers report such pop-ups might seem to be difficult to close and users could install the add-on only because they believe it is the only way to leave the entered website. If this is how you received Aubamy Downloader and now you regret adding in onto your browser we encourage you to use the deletion instructions located at the end of the article and eliminate the threat. The program was categorized as a potentially unwanted program, and it does not look like it has any useful features, so we doubt you will miss it. As for more information on the extension, we urge you to read the rest of the report.

Where does Aubamy Downloader come from?

The potentially unwanted program is quite similar to some other threats we have already tested, e.g. Fontfully; thus, we believe it might be distributed while using same methods. Researchers say it could be suggested on suspicious pop-up ads that may claim you have to install the add-on to leave the visited web pages. If the situation seems familiar to you, we would advise you not to panic the next time and close the tab or the whole browser instead of downloading any suspicious extensions or other tools. Also, if you wish to keep away from potentially dangerous software or unreliable applications like Aubamy Downloader you should avoid torrent and other suspicious file-sharing web pages. Another smart idea would be to keep a legitimate antimalware tool on the computer so you could be notified in case a threat manages to enter the system.

How does Aubamy Downloader work?

It is difficult to say what the real potentially unwanted program’s function is since its description says nothing more besides “Aubamy Downloader – the best way to download.” We do not know what kind of content the extension is supposed to help you download, but we doubt it can fulfill what it promises. From our experience with similar software, we can say that usually such untrustworthy add-ons are often developed to generate advertising revenue. They do this by gathering information related to the users browsing and displaying targeted advertising content. The add-on could show such content through search results since it may modify particular browser settings and change user’s default search engine, homepage, or new tab page with a modified version of Google, Yahoo, or other popular search engines. Thus, after entering a search query, you might be redirected to suspicious web pages so that the potentially unwanted application could inject advertisements from its third-party partners.

The problem is, there are no guarantees the extension’s displayed advertisements would be safe for you to interact, which means it might be potentially dangerous. For example, the ads could lead to sites distributing applications similar to Aubamy Downloader, adware, browser, hijackers, or even malware. Consequently, we urge not to take any chances and remove this untrustworthy application from the system.

How to get rid of Aubamy Downloader?

Fortunately, it can be removed through the Google Chrome’s extensions manager. If you do not know how to access such menu, have a look at the instructions added below this text, and they will guide you through this process step by step. The other way to deal with Aubamy Downloader is to install a reliable antimalware tool and do a full system scan with it. During it, the tool should detect the potentially unwanted application and other possible threats too. All you would have to do to get rid of them is to click the provided deletion button.

Erase Aubamy Downloader from Google Chrome

  1. Press ALT+F and select Settings.
  2. Click on More tools and pick Extensions.
  3. Find the unwanted add-on.
  4. Press the trash bin button near it.
  5. Select Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Aubamy Downloader*

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