AppGo LiveSearch

What is AppGo LiveSearch?

AppGo LiveSearch is a potentially unwanted program that could change your default search engine with a search website called Such behavior is not always desirable, which is one of the reasons why the plugin got classified as a potentially unwanted program. If you did not know this when you installed this extension, there could be other things that you might not know about. Provided you do want to find out more about its working manner, distribution, and deletion, we advise reading the rest of this article. At the end of it, you can find step by step deletion instructions that show how to erase AppGo LiveSearch from Google Chrome, which seems to be the only browser that this extension is compatible with.test

Where does AppGo LiveSearch come from?

At the time we started looking for information about this extension, it was being spread through a website called as well as the Chrome Web Store page, but, at the moment of writing, the plugin is no longer on Nonetheless, we believe it might be spread elsewhere. Usually, such potentially unwanted programs travel with pop-ups, links, and ads that offer to install them. Also, the application could be bundled with similar software that could be distributed through P2P file-sharing networks and websites alike. Therefore, users who do not want such software on their systems should always download programs from reliable sources, and only if they are one hundred percent sure that they are reputable.

How does AppGo LiveSearch work?

This browser extension does not seem to be doing a lot. Our researchers at say that it does not change the homepage or new tab page preferences like similar potentially unwanted programs. Apparently,  AppGo LiveSearch might change only your default search engine, and, as said earlier, it could replace it with a website called Specialists say that this website might redirect to a modified Google search engine. As a result, there is a change that the displayed search results could contain additional advertising. For example, the ads could come from various third parties that the plugin’s creators might be working with. Researchers often advise being cautious with content coming from unknown third parties because you cannot be sure that all of it will be reliable. If you want to avoid such content or do not like how this plugin behaves, you could erase it.

How to delete AppGo LiveSearch?

Like most potentially unwanted programs, the plugin can be deleted both manually and with automatic tools. If you choose the first option, we advise using our removal instructions placed below that show how to remove AppGo LiveSearch from your browser step by step. If you pick the second option, we recommend employing a legitimate antimalware tool. One it is installed, you should perform a full system scan, during which the potentially unwanted program ought to be identified. After the scan, the chosen tool should let you eliminate AppGo LiveSearch by pressing its provided deletion button.

Remove AppGo LiveSearch

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Insert the following link into your browser’s address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Press Enter and search for AppGo LiveSearch.
  4. Click Remove and select Remove again.
  5. Close the Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of AppGo LiveSearch*

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