Antivirus V8

What is Antivirus V8?

Antivirus V8 is an elaborate online scam fooling consumers to part with their money for worthless software. Antivirus V8, a rogue antispyware application has been extorting money out of PC owners by taking control of their PCs and holding it ransom. It might sound dramatic but it is crucial that you remove Antivirus V8 should you suspect your PC of being compromised.
Antivirus V8 will start its attack on the system by instigating an unasked for and unnecessary system security scan. It will then go on to present its intended victim with a fake report reporting on various infections being present on the system. It is real important not to ever believe these fake results and treat all correspondence received from Antivirus V8 as suspect.

Antivirus V8 offers no benefit for any infected PC, and has no diagnostic or protective capabilities at all. It is a fake security application posing as a genuine tool by imitating the workings of real security software. It will not be able to protect your PC against any threats, and might in fact only serve to make it more susceptible to serious online threats and infections.

In order to protect your PC’s safety and privacy, delete Antivirus V8 off your PC as a matter of urgency. Do not attempt to manually remove Antivirus V8 if you are not confident in what you are doing as this can cause irreparable damage to the PC system. Instead make use of a powerful security tool which is able to effectively and permanently obliterate Antivirus V8.

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