Antivirus Scan

What is Antivirus Scan?

Welcome to the truth about Antivirus Scan which is that it is by no means a helpful tool like it suggests but is instead a malicious rogue antispyware application created in order to steal your money and leave you only with computer problems. It may be best for you to understand that any Antivirus Scan system scans which you see are false and no matter what results the system scan generates you need to know that it is a part of trick.
Never under any circumstances should you purchase,download or install anything even remotely associated to Antivirus Scan. It is suggested that you remove Antivirus Scan immediately upon detection in order to go back to having a problem free computer system that has no threats on it. The best way to detect these threats would be to consider the option of a good antispyware removal tool that would prove helpful in this regard.

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