What is AntivirusLive?

AntivirusLive is a malicious and deceptive rogue antispyware application that comes from the same family as Winisoft. AntivirusLive may or Antivirus Live gain access to your computer when you least expect it without your knowledge or consent. Once AntivirusLive has gained access to your machine, it will automatically install itself onto your computer and start up each time that you start Windows.
You will be bombarded with a fake Antivirus Live system scan, fake system scan report results as well as fake computer security notifications. You need to know that this is all one big attempt that AntivirusLive makes use of in order to try and convince you that your machine is infected with malicious threats. The goal behind these tricks is to convince you to buy the full version which promises to remove all of these threats. The truth of the matter is that this is all fake and the only thing that AntivirusLive will do is steal your money and cause you problems.

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  1. I've downloaded the SpyHunter Spyware Scanner but Antivirus Live seems to be preventing it opening to perform its scan

  2. I had the same problem when i got hit. Restart your computer, spam F8 til you get the windows safe mode start up screen. Start in safe mode. Before it lets you move around your desktop in safe mode, it gives you the option of restoring you computer. Do this by hitting "NO", if you pick yes it just does safe mode and you would have to go to control and find it, its just faster. I picked a date a couple days before it started. I have lots of restore points tho, so hopefully you have some that are not too old. Pick a date. Let it do its thing. Then when it restarts you will have some time where you can get your antivirus software up and running for a scan or whatever.

  3. I performed what Que said to do and things are great! Thanks for the input! The antivirus live is a nasty one.

  4. Thanks Quw!
    I should have thought of that but your post reminded me. I'll buy you a e-beer!

  5. How much has this crap cost the public, WHY aren't the scumbags that dumped this on us doing hard time in prison? Isn't the FBI full of whizbang computer whizzes? Don't these criminals collect their payola with credit cards? WHY isn't the FBI doing it's job?

  6. You are a god send, Que -- thank you for saving me from a day of frustration AND finding someone who could help me get it off my computer!!!!!

  7. fuckinantivirus!!

    how am i supposed to download spyhunter if it wont let me on the internet?? this is soooo fucking stressful!! im a student i cant afford to pay for spyware stuff!! i need to do my college work i got deadlines!! this is soo shit!!

  8. i have no restore points created..ithought system mechanic antivirus was active..but maybe not. this one snuck up on me.krap.

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