Anti-Virus Elite

What is Anti-Virus Elite?

Anti-Virus Elite is the newest infection and is very dangerous due to many different reasons. Anti-Virus Elite includes a fake scanner. Anti-Virus Elite will get on your system in a very malicious manner through the Trojan Zlob, which disguises itself as a video codec. Anti-Virus Elite may be located in various pornographic websites. Anti-Virus Elite can also gain access to your system by spam emails, if you click on the attachment or link provided. It will trick the user into believing that their system is filled with all sorts of threats.
Anti-Virus Elite, which is also known as Anti-Virus Elite v5.0 or Anti-Virus Elite 2010 may alert you to the factor that your registry has errors, your privacy has been compromised or that your computer is infected. All of these warnings and security notifications are not real and you should not purchase or download anything. If you suspect that Anti-Virus Elite may be running on your system, then it is imperative that you remove it as soon as you can.

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  1. I tried the free try out and found it was just wonderful! Keep up the good work!! What is the price to buy it? Elaine Millar

  2. I found this to be a wonderful anti-virus. What is the price please? Sincerely Elaine Millar

  3. This is a wonderful anti-spy! I would advise anyone to buy this! Sincerely Elaine Millar

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