Antivirus Clean 2011

What is Antivirus Clean 2011?

Never believe anything Antivirus Clean 2011 has to say. This seemingly legitimate looking security tool is in fact nothing more than a malicious rogue antispyware application out to rip you off. Despite what Antivirus Clean 2011 would like you to believe, it does not own the ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system, and is nothing more than a harmful infection in itself.
Antivirus Clean 2011 infiltrates the system without the user’s knowledge, and lodges itself in the PC securely before its starts its attack. This makes it that much harder for the user to identify and remove Antivirus Clean 2011. Once the rogue starts its attack on the PC the user will receive various fake security notifications. Do not pay any attention to these as they are completely without basis or merit, and were only designed to panic you.

Users infected with Antivirus Clean 2011 complained about the various annoying and distressing symptoms associated with this rogue. These include being unable to execute any programs on the system and the inability to connect to the Internet.

You have to get rid of Antivirus Clean 2011 in order to restore your PC’s security. This can be safely achieved through making use of a genuine security tool which will also offer future protection against similar threats.

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