What is AntivirusBEST?

AntivirusBEST is a bogus anti-spyware program. AntivirusBEST uses very similar tactics to other rogue anti-spyware programs. Once you've installed AntivirusBEST and run its scanner, the scanner will show results stating that your PC has tons of infections when in fact these scan results are all made up to con you into buying the full paid version of the AntivirusBEST program.

You may also receive numerous popups and system alerts warning you about spyware infections found in your system. These are only meant to scare you to push you to buy AntivirusBEST. AntivirusBEST warning message reads:

Privacy Violation alert!
AntivirusBEST detected a Privacy Violation. A program is
secretly sending your private data to an untrusted internet
host. click here to block this activity by removing the threat

AntivirusBEST's popups may redirect you to where AntivirusBEST's "licensed" program is sold as a legitimate software. Don't waste your money and it's recommended that you uninstall AntivirusBEST program. Also, do not trust any messages or links provided by AntivirusBEST.

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