Antivirus Protection 2012

What is Antivirus Protection 2012?

Beware, for the fake security software Antivirus Protection 2012 is spreading fast and threatens your system more than you can imagine. This rogue has cheated plenty of people, since it resembles reliable antispyware, and even has a Windows like logo on its interface. When the rogue enters your system, you will be provided with a great deal of bogus warning messages, claiming that your system is full of infections, such as:

Antivirus Protection 2012 Alert
To help protect your computer, Antivirus Protection 2012 has blocked some features of this program.
Name: Screen.Grab.J.exe
Risk: High

System critical warning!
You have been infected by a proxy-relay Trojan server
Your query looks similar to automated requests from a spyware application.
Your system has come under attack of hostile software.
Click here to deactivate it.

All the warnings may seem pretty scary, but remember, everything they say is FAKE and, therefore, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to delete the reported files manually. Furthermore, you will be unable to ignore the slow performance of your computer and alteration of your internet settings. Until you erase Antivirus Protection 2012, all these features will keep causing a lot of difficulty using your computer. The process of deleting Antivirus Protection 2012 can be easier, if the rogue is activated. Do not even consider buying the program, because you will lose money and your credit card data!

Use this activation key instead: LIC-00A5-3F5G-BHA5-KJB8-579F-CVH9-M935-QW45-89M5-19AB

It will make the annoying messages stop and will help you to remove Antivirus Protection 2012. Afterwards, all you need to do is to get a genuine security software and make your computer fast, clean and safe. If you are not afraid of crashing your system for good and know a lot about it, you can get rid of it on your own by killing the processes and deleting files below.

It is obvious, that the removal of Antivirus Protection 2012 is a burning question, because of the extent of damage it causes. It is very easy to get infected with this fake security software, so you must be cautious while browsing the internet because once the rogue is in your system, it is difficult to get rid of it.

100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Antivirus Protection 2012*

Automatic Antivirus Protection 2012 Removal

If you are looking for the fastest and safest way to get rid of Antivirus Protection 2012, you should do it automatically with a powerful security tool. The reason why automatic removal is recommended to most of the users is that it is fast and safe. Users, who do not know much about computer can relax and watch how Antivirus Protection 2012 gets deleted from their systems in no time. Also, you save yourself the trouble of going through important system files if you choose to remove Antivirus Protection 2012 automatically.

In order to proceed with the removal of Antivirus Protection 2012, you should enter this activation key into the rogue’s purchase window: LIC-00A5-3F5G-BHA5-KJB8-579F-CVH9-M935-QW45-89M5-19AB. After the rogue is “registered” it will stop sending you fake notifications and your computer will go back to normal for a time being. This is when you must open your internet browser and download SpyHunter. Install the program and run it. After a full system scan SpyHunter will detect and delete Antivirus Protection 2012 promptly.
100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Antivirus Protection 2012*

Manual Antivirus Protection 2012 Removal

You should proceed with the manual rogue removal ONLY if you know what you are doing. Why? Because you need to terminate processes and files that are related to Antivirus Protection 2012 and if you delete a wrong file, you might inflict a permanent damage on your system. Thus, you have to be very careful while deleting Antivirus Protection 2012 on your own. Follow the instructions at your own risk:

1) Terminate these processes:
2) Modify the Registry – Open Registry Editor and delete the following registry entries dropped in there by Antivirus Protection 2012 (to open Registry Editor click Start --> Run, enter “regedit” and click OK, or simply type “regedit” into the Start menu search box and hit Enter):
3) Finally, delete these files that are related to Anitvirus Protection 2012:


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