Antivirus program

What is Antivirus program?

Antivirus is the newest fake anti-spyware program and is an anti spyware application, which has been designed in order to scare users into buying the full version, which doesn't exist. The way that this alarming Antivirus gets into your machine is via the Zlob/MediaAccess Codec installer, usually this is on pornographic related websites. Antivirus program does a good job of conning you with the use of annoying pop up notifications that things are wrong with your machine.
This new Antivirus program is a remake of an older fake antispyware ptrogram Antivirus Pro 2010. The truth of the matter is that your machine is fine, except for Antivirus, which needs to be removed as soon as detected. Its entire purpose on the Internet is to try to scare users into purchasing the full version. The name "Antivirus" was chosen very wisely because infected people looking at google results may get upset of where is the correct information.

Do not be fooled and if your computer is showing signs of Antivirus program , then it is imperative that you remove it straight away. It can cause the performance of your computer to be reduced dramatically and it may also generate vast quantities of annoying pop up messages. If your machine starts becoming unstable then this is a sign that you may be a victim of Antivirus program. Do not fall for it and do not spend any money, if you do spend money it should be on investing in a decent antispyware removal and detection application.

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