Antivirus Professional

What is Antivirus Professional?

Antivirus Professional has been designed with the purpose of tricking innocent people. Antivirus Professional name may sound very convincing but it is crucial that you don't get fooled. Antivirus Professional or AntivirusProfessional gains access to your machine via dangerous Trojans or misleading advertisements. Antivirus Professional will perform a scan on your computer which is actually fake. Antivirus Professional will also present you with a fake scan report that looks real. This scan report will inform you that you have a collection of dangerous malware running on your machine. The scan report is false and so are the results.
Antivirus Professional will then suggest that you purchase the full version in order to remove the malware on your computer. The full version is also fake just like everything else. You need be aware that all the computer security notifications are fake, no matter how real they may appear. You also need to be aware of the factor that you should never buy or download anything remotely related to Antivirus Professional. It is imperative that you never purchase the full version. If you suspect that you may have Antivirus Professional running on your machine, then it is strongly suggested that you remove it as soon as you can.

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