Antivir Solution Pro

What is Antivir Solution Pro?

Antivir Solution Pro (also known as AntivirSolutionPro) is a new rogue antispyware application that has been designed by malicious online criminals who want to steal your hard earned money. You need to be aware of the signs and the symptoms so that you will be able to detect Antivir Solution Pro on your computer system immediately.
The truth of the matter is that no matter what you do it may seem that you can't delete Antivir Solution Pro off your system. The problem is that this rogue has been designed in order to steal your money and in order to make it very hard to delete. The best thing which you can do it to invest in a decent and reputable antispyware application that will prove effective in both detecting as well as deleting the malicious Antivir Solution Pro for you. Do not take any chances as you will seriously live to regret it.

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  1. How do you download this on your computer when the antivir software prevents you from going to any web page? I am on this from a mobile device and everytime i try to open a webpage the antivir takes over...

  2. I have the same problem Jake

    I have the same problem, whenever I try to get onto the internet on my laptop it simply won't let me. Looks like it's a job for the guys at the pc shop *facepalm* Really don't need this right now...

  3. Go to somebody elses PC and download the program and put the program on a disc. Then load it up on your computer.

  4. What if you payed for it?

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