Antivirii 2011

What is Antivirii 2011?

You don’t want to have anything to do with Antivirii 2011, because this is a new variant of the Antivirus Clean 2011 rogue application. To sum up,  it is a rogue antispyware program that will destroy your computer if you allow it to settle down and take over. A big number of users worldwide has been already tricked by Antivirii 2011, because this program looks and behaves very much like a decent antivirus application, but the truth is that it is very far from being one. This rogue ill enter your system and ruin it, while robbing you off without you even realizing it.

When Antivirii 2011 gets installed onto your computer, first of all, it performs certain changes to the registry and as a result it can start automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Then the rogue performs a fake system scan and presents you with a list of Trojans, worms and other types of viruses that are supposedly there in your system. Antivirii 2011 also shows users various fake alerts listed below :

Your computer is in danger!
Antivirii 2011 has detected some serious threats to your computer!
These viruses need to be eliminated immedeately! Please click this icon to remove threats.

Your system is infected!
Your computer is compromised by hackers, adware, malware and worms!
Antivirii 2011 can remove this infection. Please click this icon to remove threats.

However, that is not true. You cannot operate your computer as you have been used to exactly because of this rogue. Antivirii 2011 says that this is the reason why your computer is running slow.

The rogue will not cease sending you fake security notifications messages until you either pay for the full version of it, or get rid of it completely. Do not pay for the rogue, because then you will lose your money. Remove Antivirii 2011 with a reliable security tool and get your computer back to normal.

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Antivirii 2011

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