Antiviral Factory 2013

What is Antiviral Factory 2013?

Antiviral Factory 2013 is a rogue security program that can be installed on your PC without your permission. It is also available at, where the user can read the terms of use, find out the characteristics of the application, download the demo version, and make a payment in order to acquire the full version of the program. We recommend that you remove Antiviral Factory 2013 from the computer as this malicious application does not provide you with the information on the actual state of the system. All the system scans and security alerts are simulated in order to obtain your money.testtesttesttesttest

What does Antiviral Factory 2013 do?

Once present on the PC, Antiviral Factory 2013 starts scanning the system and displays false system scan results. Moreover, it displays fake security warnings. They usually inform about some dangerous computer infection and encourage the user to activate or register Antivirus Factory 2013. Below you will find some examples of how the warnings of the rogue security program may look like:

Warning: Your computer is infected
Detected spyware infection!
Click this message to install the last update of security software

Application cannot be executed. The file GoogleUpdate.exe is infected.
Please activate your antivirus software.

It is crucial that you ignore all the alerts generated by the malicious program. By activating the program you will lose your money and become susceptible to identity theft as the criminals may record your personally identifiable information that you enter in the purchase form. For example, you will have to enter your credit card number, expiration date, its CVV2 number, your first and last name, home address, and so on. Moreover, if you decide to purchase the program, you risk losing from 49.95 to 109.95 U.S. dollars. Unlike other rogue security tools, Antiviral Factory 2013 enables you to choose different “packs”. For example, the user can buy a 3-month-pack, 6-month-pack, 9-month-pack, and so on. Nevertheless, instead of purchasing the full version, i.e., giving your money up, remove Antiviral Factory 2013 from the PC as soon as you can.

The rogue program belongs to the Rogue.WinWebSec family, which also includes System Care Antivirus, Live Security Platinum, Disk Antivirus Professional, System Doctor 2014 and other deceitful programs.

What is more, you should disregard the malfunctions of the system that have appeared after the installation of Antiviral Factory 2013. If you cannot browse the Internet because every web page you want to access is flagged as harmful to the system, you should remove the rogue AV in order to be able to browse the Internet and use the PC as usual.

How to remove Antiviral Factory 2013?

Antiviral Factory 2013 should be removed from the computer using a reputable and powerful spyware removal tool.  Our expert team at recommends using SpyHunter as this real-time prevention program is capable of terminating various computer infections, including spyware, malware, and ransomware threats.

Before you implement the recommended program, use the activation key presented below to activate the program and disable system scans and misleading pop-up alerts.

 Antiviral Factory 2013 Activation key: AA39754E-715219CE

100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Antiviral Factory 2013*

If Antiviral Factory 2013 still block internet connection or antispyware program instalation, do the following:

1. Download the recommended spyware removal tool.
2. Go to the Start menu and click Control Panel.
3. Select Folder options.
4.  Open the View tab and tick Hide extensions for known file types. Click OK.
5. You should see file extensions next to your Windows Office and other files. Right-click the installer of the anti-spyware software and write explorer.exe instead of spyhunter.exe.
6.  Launch the installer and scan the PC after the installation.

Antiviral Factory 2013 Manual Removal

1.  Activate the rogue program with the key given above and open the Task Manager. End these processes:


2. Remove these registry entries:

3. Delete these files:


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