AntiVira Av

What is AntiVira Av?

AntiVira Av is the latest fake antispyware application aimed at stealing money. It has been created by the developers of Antivirus .Net and other fake softwares which try to trick users into believing their computers have gone bad. The main problem with AntiVira Av is that it up to no good at all and will only do what it can to try and get you to part with your cash.
AntiVira Av injects into a computer with the help of Trojans which are downloaded when users try to open fake e-mail attachments or click on suspicious links. The moment AntiVira Av starts, it will immediately run a system scan and will report many infected files. Even more, it will show various warning messages, which look just like normal Windows OS messages. you must understand, that AntiVira Av generates all notifications to scare computer users.

Do not be surprised if computer security applications on your machine become blocked as this is one of the many things which AntiVira Av does in order to avoid removal. You also should be aware of the factor that AntiVira Av could result in a poor system performance as well as disrupt the speed of your computer system, as well as the speed of your internet connection. It is therefore imperative that you watch out for all these signs and symptoms in order to effectively remove AntiVira Av from your machine upon the slightest hints of detection.

To Download Spyhunter, You must run Your computer in SAFE MODE.
1. Restart Your computer, and start pressing F8 repeatedly. A menu will show up, choose SAFE MODE with Networking.
2. When your computer loads up, run Internet explorer, go to >Tools< select >Internet Options<
3. Select >Connections< tab, and click >LAN Settings< at the bottom of that window.
4. Uncheck the checkbox labeled >Use a proxy server for your LAN<. Press >OK< button twice to close the options menu.
5. Download spyhunter installer from main page.
6. RESTART Your computer, and run it in normal mode. After Windows loads, run the SpyHunter installer. This Will kill the Antivira AV blockage and will let yopu delete the infection files.

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