Antivir 2010

What is Antivir 2010?

Antivir 2010 is yet another rogue anti-spyware application which tries to steal the respect of AviraAntivir. This program states that it has been designed to protect, but that is completely FALSE! Antivir 2010 is a complete scam! In fact, Antivir 2010 was designed with the sole purpose of ripping unsuspecting computer users off! Antivir 2010 which may be called Antivir2010 makes its way from PC to PC via Trojan infections and via misleading advertising on dubious websites - across the internet.
Once this corrupt software infects a computer it will display all sorts of security warnings, threat alerts and scan results that are all fake. These fake warnings are designed to make you, the user, freak out and purchase the full version of the software - in an attempt to franticly clean and rid your PC of all unwanted activity. Unfortunately it‘s all a scam! Antivir 2010 is a useless tool for computer users, but a wonderful tool for hackers! It does NOT clean infections from computers and it does NOT protect against future infections. Do not trust Antivir 2010, it's a SCAM!

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