What is AntiMalwareGuard?

AntiMalwareGuard (AntiMalware Guard or Anti Malware Guard) is a fake anti-spyware, a copy of AntiSpywareMaster. AntiMalwareGuard may have leaped into your computer with the help of Trojan Zlob or Vundo. Once you're infected, AntiMalwareGuard may flood your system with an exaggerated amount of system notifications and error messages stating that you're infected with spyware. These notifications may read:
"It is highly recommended to get a full version of AntiMalwareGuard protection software in order to fix all malicious codes. Click here to start registration and have all the malware away from your PC thereafter."

These messages are part of AntiMalwareGuard's tactics to scare you and push you into buying it's full program. AntiMalwareGuard's messages will continue appearing unless you purchase the full AntiMalwareGuard program or remove AntiMalwareGuard (the actual threat). AntiMalwareGuard may also use it's fake system scanner to imitate a real scanning process and then, give a list spyware that supposedly your computer is infected with.

Only thing that AntiMalwareGuard guards is its creators pockets!

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  1. I WISH TO UN-INSTALL THE PROGRAMME ANTIMALWARE GUARD DETECTION & REMOVAL because this appears on my screen forcibly and doesnot disappear despite my best efforts. Ultimately I have to shut down my P.C. This Prog. makes its entry forcibly on my PC Screen and disrupts my work on internet. Kindly remove this unwanted programme from my PC. THANKS. R.K. VERMA
    6TH August, 2008.

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