AndreaGalli Ransomware

What is AndreaGalli Ransomware?

AndreaGalli Ransomware is a tremendously mysterious infection, and that is partially because it does not seem to be fully completed yet. research team has started analyzing this malware, and it was immediately found that it was created using the infamous Hidden-Tear open source code that is publicly available. Crybrazil Ransomware, Horros Ransomware, and Sorry HT Ransomware are few out of hundreds of other infections that were created using the same code. Although they usually function in the same way, there are always unique traits about this malware. Needless to say, even if we do not know everything about it yet, we know that users must delete AndreaGalli Ransomware, and that is because this is a serious infection. If it slithers into your operating system, it can encrypt personal data, and that is something you want to prevent from happening because, unfortunately, it is almost never possible to restore the encrypted files. So, are you interested in learning more about the infection to protect yourself against it, or do you need to remove it already? We can help in either case.

How does AndreaGalli Ransomware work?

It is unlikely that AndreaGalli Ransomware is actively spreading. Of course, the situation could be completely different by the time you are reading this report, but our tests revealed that the infection could not function properly. It was still being built at that time. All in all, the code of the malicious ransomware reveals that it is set to encrypt files and append the “.locked” extension to their names. Also, the threat is meant to create a file named “readme.txt.” Unfortunately, we cannot say what kind of message is delivered via this file, but there is no doubt that the creator of AndreaGalli Ransomware either wants victims to email them or immediately pay a ransom. This is why this malware is known as “ransomware.” The bad news is that even when the victim pays money to obtain a decryption tool or a special key, they rarely – if ever – get anything in return. That means that they lose both files and money. Therefore, if you find that you need to delete AndreaGalli Ransomware from your operating system, we strongly advise that you DO NOT pay the requested ransom before that.

Without a doubt, no one wants to find malicious software on their operating system. That is why it is crucial that all users take all available security measures. We will not waste your time explaining every move you should make because there’s plenty of information about that already. What we want to help you with is protection against ransomware. Whether it is AndreaGalli Ransomware or another threat from the same group, it is most important to keep it away. That means that you should not download and open unfamiliar software or files, interact with random links, enable unknown parties to access your operating system remotely, and do other things that could help cyber attackers. If the malware slips through your fingers, you want to delete it as soon as possible. You will learn how to remove AndreaGalli Ransomware in the next section of the report, and the process is not that tricky. The most important thing here is that you want to treat every single threat as an individual piece, and that means that one removal method is unlikely to work every time. Another important thing to do to ensure protection against ransomware and other kinds of malware is to back up files on external drives or online. If you do this, you will never need to worry about restoring encrypted data or paying ransoms.

How to delete AndreaGalli Ransomware

The removal of AndreaGalli Ransomware can be very easy or very complicated. That depends on your experience and ability to find the executable file. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the location or name of this file because it is simply unknown. There are three directories where files are often downloaded, and they are listed in the manual removal guide below. If you are not able to delete AndreaGalli Ransomware manually, you can install anti-malware software. If you have read this report in its entirety, you know how important it is to protect your operating system, and anti-malware software does just that. Without a doubt, installing it is the smart thing to do.

Removal Instructions

  1. Tap Win+E to launch Explorerand enter these directories into the field at the top:
    • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
    • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
    • %TEMP%
  2. If you can find the launcher file, Delete it immediately.
  3. Delete the ransom note file readme.txt too.
  4. Empty Recycle Bin.
  5. Install a trusted malware scanner and perform a full system scan. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of AndreaGalli Ransomware*


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