Alpha Antivirus

What is Alpha Antivirus?

Alpha Antivirus is a malicious antivirus spyware that needs to be avoided. It is extremely dangerous and comes from the Zlob Trojan group of infections. Alpha Antivirus or AlphaAntivirus may be installed onto your system without your knowledge and consent. It may run in the background and cause your computers performance to completely slow down. Alpha Antivirus may also try trick you into buying the full version by a variety of different tactics.
It is vital for you to never download, install or buy anything which is remotely related to Alpha Antivirus. Don't be fooled by the name as there is no protection involved when it comes to Alpha Antivirus. If you do decide to spend money on something that will help protect your computers safety rather go for a decent antispyware removal. Alpha Antivirus is not going to fix anything or help your computer in your life in any way. If you suspect that you could have Alpha Antivirus running on your machine then you need to remove it immediately.

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  1. Worth a try

  2. I have had this anti spy wear on my computer for over a week. Please avoid this program. It has given me a headache and I am glad that there is something out there to combat it.

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