What is AllConvertersSearch?

If you are looking for tools that could help you convert files, know that AllConvertersSearch is not one of them. It is just a search tool, and even though it might seem that it would help find converters specifically, it does not offer anything more than a regular search provider would. In fact, it uses a quote-unquote regular search provider. It is Yahoo Search, and if you decide to use the suspicious extension, it will redirect you You might think that this is not so bad, considering that Yahoo Search is a trusted search engine. Well, because the PUP (potentially unwanted program) modifies the results that are shown via it, we cannot recommend trusting it. If you delete AllConvertersSearch and then set Yahoo Search as your default search provider, we are sure that you will be safe, but if you use it via the PUP, you might not be. So, do you want to remove the PUP quickly, or are you still looking for more information about it? We can help you in both cases.test

How does AllConvertersSearch work?

While the creator of AllConvertersSearch is not identified, it is very likely that it was built by the same people who created TopStreamsSearch, MusicStreamSearch, SearchProConverter, and similar PUPs. They all have “portal” pages that are identical. The suspicious AllConvertersSearch, for example, is connected to, and the interface of this page offers a free file converter, a free currency converter, a free cryptocurrency converter, and even a free calculator. In the center of the page, you can find a search dialog box. Perhaps this page could web used by the PUP in some way, but when our research team analyzed it, it only changed the default search provider, and it changed it to This is the tool that redirects to Yahoo Search, and so if you enter keywords into the address bar of Google Chrome – which is the only browser the PUP is compatible with – you should find yourself on As you already know, we do not recommend trusting the results shown via this engine because they can be modified by the PUP. Unfortunately, it is unknown who could use the PUP to promote their content, and that is why the service is questionable.

Before we start discussing the removal of AllConvertersSearch, we need to figure out how this potentially unwanted program got into your operating system. Without a doubt, some people could install it willingly from The installer on the Chrome Web Store is free, but the permissions pop-up warns that the PUP can read browsing history, which might deter some people from installing it. Others might rethink installing it after analyzing the Privacy Policy, which suggests that some personal information can be collected and shared with unknown parties. Unfortunately, not many people take the important step of analyzing privacy policies and terms of use agreements. Of course, if you downloaded the suspicious extension from a completely different source, or if you do not remember installing it at all, you have another thing to figure out: if other PUPs managed to slither in using disguises or without detection. Use a malware scanner to figure that out, and do not wait to delete threats if any are found.

How to delete AllConvertersSearch from Google Chrome

Our team of cybersecurity experts recommends removing AllConvertersSearch, but it is all up to you. How you remove this potentially unwanted program, is up to you also. Because this PUP is an extension, most people are likely to stick to the manual removal, and if you need help eliminating it from your browsers manually, we have a simple, easy-to-follow guide below. Note that it includes steps that help clear browsing data. We recommend clearing it to get rid of any cookies associated with the PUP or its third-party partners. Another option is to have the PUP deleted automatically. This is definitely the best option for those who have found other threats and those who want to take care of their system’s security in the future. If you are concerned with security also, install trusted anti-malware software without hesitation. That is a decision you will not regret.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Google Chrome and enter chrome://extensions into the address bar.
  2. Locate the potentially unwanted program and click the Remove button pinned to it.
  3. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and click Advanced.
  4. Pick a time range, mark the boxes you want, and then click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of AllConvertersSearch*


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