Advanced Security Tool 2010

What is Advanced Security Tool 2010?

Advanced Security Tool 2010 is a malicious and deceptive rogue application which has been designed in order to steal your money. Stealing your money is just one of the negative things that Advanced Security Tool 2010 has been designed for. In addition to your money being stolen, AdvancedSecurityTool 2010 will create many computer problems for you, as well as invade your privacy. Advanced Security Tool 2010 may gain access to your system when you least expect it.Once it has installed itself onto your machine, it may start up each time that you Windows operating system starts up.
Advanced Security Tool 2010 may run a system scan, which will appear like an authentic scanner which is scanning your system. The truth of the matter is that this system scan is fake and so are the scan report results which it will present you with. You will be told that the only way to remove all the malicious threats on your computer is by paying a fee for the full version of Advanced Security Tool 2010. Advanced Security Tool 2010 is the complete opposite of secure and will not fix your computer at all.

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