Advanced Antivirus

What is Advanced Antivirus?

Advanced Antivirus (AdvancedAntivirus, AdvancedAntivirus2008, Antivirus 2008, AdvancedAntivirus 2008) is a fake anti-spyware software related to Vista Antivirus 2008, Windows Antivirus 2008, and Ultimate Antivirus 2008. Like any other common rogue, Advanced Antivirus will try to trick you with fake system scans and scan results, as well as bogus notifications that read:
"WARNING! Attack Detected.
Possible harmful action has been detected from remote host.

Advanced Antivirus has detected possible harmful actions from remote computer on the network. Blaster/Sasser.variant worm behavior detected. You have to register your copy to get full protection feature set and an ability to defeat upcoming threats. To begin online registration, please click "Activate now" button below."

"Spyware protection is disabled. Your personal data is at high risk of being stolen Protection' to let system detect spyware threats, remove them and protect your personal information, credit card and bank details from unauthorized use."

If you are deceived into clicking these messages, you'll be redirected to where rogue Advanced Antivirus is sold for $34.95-79.95. Other Advanced Antivirus's scare tactics include hijacking your browser homepage, redirecting you to dubious websites that promote rogue softwares. In addition, Advanced Antivirus may show a fake icon on your system tray stating that you're infected with spyware. These messages may be titled:

"Critical System Error"
"Your computer is infected"
"Virus Alert"
"Security Alert"

If you're wondering how you got infected by Advanced Antivirus, it might have happened while surfing the web; a Trojan Zlob probably made his way into your computer's system or Advanced Antivirus used a drive-by download method without you knowing. Advanced Antivirus runs every time Windows is booted and it recreates itself, making it difficult to locate and get rid of manually. Stay away from this stinky pest, known by the experts as "the worst threat of this year". We'd like to add: "the worst threat of this year" so far...

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  1. thank you!!!!!!!

  2. hi im tring to use my laptop and i wanted to down load advanced antivirus and now ny lap top is frozen can you please tell me how to get it off i dont want to purchuse it no because it jamed my work load up

  3. How do you go about getting your money back for this advanced antivirus? If it is a real scam! Should you just stop payment or what?

  4. i want to delete, remove or uninstall stopsing anti virus, 2009 anti virus . how do i ?

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