Advanced Network Care

What is Advanced Network Care?

Advanced Network Care happens to be a potentially unwanted program that works on Mac OS. Whenever we deal with such applications, we have to emphasize that they are not genuine malware infections. What’s more, users tend to install them willingly. Likewise, you probably installed Advanced Network Care thinking that this application will improve your system’s performance or that it will somehow enhance your network activity. However, security experts say that not everything about this application is nice and easy. Therefore, we would strongly recommend removing Advanced Network Care from your system, which you can do by following the guidelines below this description.testtesttest

Where does Advanced Network Care come from?

Since it is a regular application, it has its own official website that can be accessed via As you can see, the main domain main is not about Advanced Network Care, but that’s because the application is promoted together with MacBooster, another app intended for Mac OS. You can also find that Advanced Network Care and MacBooster were both developed by IObit, and all looks nice and legitimate.

Nevertheless, our research team believes that Advanced Network Care could also come bundled with other software if you tend to download it from third-party sources. Yet, even so, it should be possible to deselect Advanced Network Care if you don’t want this application. The point is that you can always choose whether you want something like this app or not. And potentially unwanted applications cannot be added to your system without your permission. Hence, if you have no idea why Advanced Network Care is there on your Mac, there might be a chance that you’ve installed this application accidentally.

Hence, it is important to remain attentive whether you install new programs or open new websites. You can never know what could be in store for you out there, and it’s best to be safe than sorry.

What does Advanced Network Care do?

Well, like most of the other reputable programs, Advanced Network Care doesn’t really offer all of its functions for free. The app will ask you to purchase the full version for the full functionality.

So, all in all, Advanced Network Care is said to help you diagnose network problems, maximize your internet speed, check your Wi-Fi configuration, and so on. In other words, this application should help you improve your Internet performance, putting all that random buffering to a stop. According to the information we have found, the standard Mac plan for Advanced Network Care is $19.99, and if you have more than one Mac devices, you might feel inclined to purchase the Premium plan for five Mac devices for $49.99. Take note that sometimes those plans are also discounted, so purchasing the full version of the application might be a rather good deal.

Nevertheless, there are reasons Advanced Network Care is thought to be a potentially unwanted program. There are certain aspects of communication between the program and the customer that are rather questionable. For instance, the official page says that the “Free Download” function is available, and this might lead to an assumption that there is a free trial offer, too. However, no such thing is available if you download and install the application. Advanced Network Care will try to push you into purchasing the full version immediately.

What’s more, some of the testimonials about the application cannot be verified. In other words, there’s a good chance that they have been made up by the distributors themselves. Advanced Network Care is also rather shady when it comes to uninstall information. Although it is possible to remove this app, the uninstall information is not displayed explicitly.

How do I remove Advanced Network Care?

Aside from that, this app has other undesirable features, too. Thus, it would be for the best to simply close the app and remove it once and for all. If you have a strong antispyware program for Mac, consider scanning your device, too.

Also, to avoid similar applications in the future, you should find out more about the programs you are about to install before you actually run them. If possible, download programs from their official websites, and stay away from third-party pages. When in doubt, always ask for professional assistance.

Manual Advanced Network Care Removal

  1. Close the app and click Finder on Dock.
  2. Go to Applications and locate Advanced Network Care.
  3. Click and drag the app to Trash.
  4. Open Finder again and click Go.
  5. Go through Computer to Macintosh HD to Library.
  6. Select Application Support and delete the Advanced Network Care folder.
  7. Empty Trash to complete the removal. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Advanced Network Care*

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