Ads By Gameslava

What is Ads By Gameslava?

Ads By Gameslava are really irritating commercials that you might see on your screen. Users usually start seeing these ads because they install a program called GamesLava. This program is closely associated with the website, and users usually install this piece of software to gain access to the collection of games and be able to play them all for free. The one-sentence description of this program can be found on its official website too: “GamesLava offers free games in exchange for an agreement to install our software and receive advertising.” Many users install this program willingly to be able to play online games; however, what they do not realize is that Ads By Gameslava are very irritating and might diminish the browsing experience to a great extent. On top of that, they do not know that these advertisements might expose them to potential threats by redirecting to questionable third-party websites. You should definitely choose your system’s safety over those free online games and thus delete GamesLava from the system. Its removal is your only chance to eliminate Ads By Gameslava from the screen.test

Where do Ads By Gameslava come from?

If you decide to keep the GamesLava application installed on your system despite all those dangers it might pose to your computer, you have to be ready for the avalanche of different types of commercial advertisements. Ads By Gameslava might appear in different forms, for instance, you might see pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, transitional ads, interstitial ads, and in-text ads. No matter what types of advertisements you see, you should not click on any of them because all of them will take you to third-party websites, and nobody knows whether these websites can be trusted 100%. A website you are taken to might seem to be reliable at first glance, but it might still contain links leading to bad websites, or, for example, it might only pretend to be an online store in order to steal money from you. Of course, not all these websites Ads By Gameslava promote are bad, but it might not be very easy to tell which of them can be trusted and which cannot. Therefore, specialists at suggest ignoring all these ads and hurrying to delete the GamesLava application in order to get rid of all those commercials once and for all. We are sure you will find another website to play games for free.

Adware programs not only display advertisements that might cause redirections to untrustworthy third-party websites, but might also track users and gather all kinds of details about them. The GamesLava application showing ads is, probably, not an exception. There is not much information about this software on, which is its official website; however, our researchers are sure that it also collects non-personally identifiable information. To be more specific, it is interested in users’ interests and behavior on the web. We believe that it is another reason to eliminate this application.

Why do I see Ads By Gameslava?

Research has shown that computer users living in the U.S are those who start seeing Ads By Gameslava on their screens the most frequently. It is because they have GamesLava installed, which is quite a popular program in this region. Some users definitely download it willingly; however, it has still been found out that it tends to enter computers in software bundles more often. Yes, this application showing Ads By Gameslava might be distributed in bundles with other applications too. It does not start showing advertisements immediately after it enters the computer, but we are sure that you will not need much time to understand that this application is inside the system because you will probably notice new shortcuts on Desktop. In addition, you will come across a new folder in %LOCALAPPDATA% or %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data. In addition, a new registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Gameslava will be created but, of course, only more experienced users will find it.

How to get rid of Ads By Gameslava

As you already know, you see Ads By Gameslava because you have the GamesLava application installed on the system. If you remove it, all those advertisements will disappear from your screen too. As you will have to remove folders that belong to this program and the registry key it creates yourself, we suggest using the manual removal guide which is placed below this article. If it is your first time and you do not feel that you can erase it manually, you should use a reputable scanner. You can download a reliable one from our website by clicking on the Download button.

Remove Ads By Gameslava

  1. Open the Windows Explorer.
  2. Go to %LOCALAPPDATA% or %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data.
  3. Delete the Gameslava folder.
  4. Open the Registry Editor (tap Win+R, type regedit in the box, and click OK).
  5. Right-click on the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Gameslava and select Delete to get rid of it.
  6. Delete new shortcuts created by Gameslava from Desktop.
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