Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up

What is Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up?

Malware analysts have recently come across adware programs that render a window with Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up, which is the name of an adware server that hosts shady commercial advertisements. this adware server can pose a threat to your computer’s security. Removing the adware showing this server’s ads is highly recommended because it can promote content that can get your PC infected with ransomware and other types of Trojans. For more information, please read the paragraphs featured below.

Where does Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up come from?

Unfortunately, the name of the company that set up this server is unknown. Furthermore, it might not have been set up by a legitimate company at all, but by tech-savvy people that want to make easy money. To our knowledge, adware that features the ads of Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up is disseminated in an all too familiar manner. Our cyber security experts say that the adware is included in malicious bundled installers that feature legitimate software as the bait and adware and other types of malicious software are hidden from plain sight. Some installers might allow you to deselect the installation of adware if you select custom installation settings but that might not always be the case. Such bundled installers are often found on questionable software distributing websites that generate revenue from bundling safe applications with malware.

What does Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up do?

If adware featuring this adware server’s ads get onto your PC, then it will subject you to intrusive and dangerous ads. Indeed, there is no information about this server’s advertising partners, and our malware analysts are concerned that some of those ads can redirect you to malicious websites. If you use Google Chrome, then the adware program featuring this server’s ads will randomly open a window with the “Add If You Want To Continue!” message and redirect you to a promoted page if you click OK. Nevertheless, the adware will modify many sites that you may visit to include coupons, banners, and other types of advertising. Our malware analysts say that in some cases those adware applications can change random text on a given site and turn it in to a hyperlink that can redirect you to a malicious website that features malware such as spyware or ransomware. It is worth mentioning that Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up’s ads are popular in Italy, Spain, and a few other countries, so you have to stay vigilant when visiting Italian or Spanish software distributing sites because you might get this pop-up.

How do I remove Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up?

In conclusion, Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up is nothing more than an adware server that provides adware with ads to show to unwary users who were unfortunate enough to get their computers infected with adware when downloading a presumably safe software bundle. If you want to remove this adware server and its accompanying adware, we recommend that you use SpyHunter as it will delete not only this but any other malicious programs your computer may have.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Download SpyHunter-Installer.exe
  4. Run the Installation Wizard.
  5. Once it is installed, launch the program.
  6. Select Scan Computer Now! And let is scan the PC.
  7. Click Fix Threats.
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