What is AdChoices?

There is no need to worry about the AdChoices advertisements, which are displayed by, and other websites, because they are generated by the website that you are browsing through. AdChoices is an advertising service which allows the well-known websites to provide their users with ads that are relevant to them. It is also known as online behavioral advertising or interest-bases advertising which uses information collected across different websites.

For instance, Yahoo works with online advertising companies in order to provide advertisements that are based on the user’s interests. AdChoices displayed by Yahoo may be based on the information provided in a registration form, the user’s search history and Yahoo’s predictions.

How does AdChoices work?

If you do not want the AdChoices advertisements to match your interests when using Yahoo, you can change the opt-out settings. You can turn off certain categories, such as Fuel Economy, Parts and Accessories, Beauty and Personal Care, and Entertainment. In order to access the settings, click on the AdChoices icon and then click on the Manage button. is another website which brings you AdChoices, and the websites also allows you to make specific changes. You can see either personalized advertisements or non-personalized advertisements. By turning off the personalized ads you allow the Microsoft Advertising Network to provide you with regular ads, which are likely to have no relation to your browsing interests and former search queries. Microsoft may continue to show you some other personalized content such as articles and will continue to collect information about your browsing sessions.

Unlike pop-up messages and different advertisements displayed by adware programs, the AdChoices advertisements are safe. Since they are provided by the website, there is no need to panic about computer infections. AdChoices are displayed all over the Internet by the members of Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and Google, as well as other famous websites, is the member of the DAA program.

Even though the AdChoices icon is widespread, some websites may use different symbols to tell the visitors that the advertisements on the websites are based on their interests.

How can I protect my PC?

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