Active Security

What is Active Security?

Active Security which also goes by the name ActiveSecurityis a fake and malicious rogue antispyware application. Active Security makes use of "scare tactics" in order to get people to try and part with their money. What happens is that once ActiveSecurity has installed itself onto your machine, it will start causing you many problems. What will happen, is that an online scan will be performed which will generate a fake scan result report.
This fake scan result report will alert you to the factor that you have "threats" on your computer. This is all one big scam; the truth of the matter is there are no threats on your computer. The only real threat is Active Security itself, which needs to be removed from your machine immediately upon detection. Do not be fooled when you are given the option to buy the full version, which promises to remove all the threats on your machine. It is extremely important that you make use of decent up to date software which is able to detect as well as remove ActiveSecurity from your machine for you automatically. It is best to try to avoid going anywhere near anything remotely related to Active Security.

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