Access Your Coupons

What is Access Your Coupons?

Google Chrome users have thousands upon thousands of extensions to choose from, and Access Your Coupons is one of them. However, we do not recommend installing this extension. The reasons for that are very simple. First of all, this tool does not offer anything incredibly useful, which means that it is useless. Second, this tool can spy on you and share information about you and your browsing activities with undisclosed parties, which means that it is not very trustworthy either. If you need no further explanation as to why you should delete this PUP (potentially unwanted program), move to the last section of our report to learn about your options. If you are curious to learn more before you remove Access Your Coupons, you are welcome to continue reading. Note that we also have a comments section at the bottom of the page that can be used by anyone anonymously. If you have questions about the PUP or its elimination, our experts will be glad to answer them.test

How does Access Your Coupons work?

Those downloading Access Your Coupons are likely to think that this extension can present useful shopping coupons that might help save money. The extension is officially presented at and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store ( The description suggests that the PUP can customize the New Tab page on your browser and help you access coupon websites. Also, the PUP is meant to help you access “discounts and offer sites.” So, when you install Access Your Coupons, you might think that you would find links to discount websites directly from your browser. That is not how this PUP works. The New Tab page is replaced with, and when you enter keywords into the search dialog box, you are redirected to Yahoo Search. Basically, by installing this PUP, you reintroduce yourself to, which certainly is not a discount-focused search engine. Below the search dialog box, you can find links to News, Weather, and Maps-related sites, but they do not offer discounts ether.

Although it might seem that Access Your Coupons was created by FrugalShark, the Privacy Policy found at suggests that Hyper Systems LLC is the creator. The Privacy Policy statement also reveals that the PUP is meant to gather information. Not only that, it also can share information, which includes personal information, to unknown “commercial partners.” It seems that Access Your Coupons is meant to help advertisers learn what users search for and what kind of content they interact with, and that does not sound to be helpful. At least not to regular users who install the PUP hoping to save money. Most likely, you have realized already that the extension is useless, and that is why you are seeking for information on how to delete it. Before you do that, we recommend scanning your system. Employ a trusted malware scanner, and it will inspect every nook and cranny within your system to make sure that no threats remain undetected. Do NOT skip a full system scan especially if you downloaded the PUP along with other seemingly harmless or unfamiliar add-ons or applications.

How to remove Access Your Coupons

To delete Access Your Coupons from Google Chrome, you have several options. You can ask help from a more experienced friend or even hire a professional to clear your operating system and browsers. We do not think that this is a situation where that is needed. Instead, we suggest choosing from manual or automatic removal options. If you use a malware scanner and determine that there are no other threats, you can follow the guide below to remove Access Your Coupons manually. If the scanner detects threats, or if you want to enhance your overall security to prevent the invasion of unreliable programs in the future, we advise installing anti-malware software. You have to choose what is best for you, but if you want our advice on anything, do not hesitate to contact us via the comments section.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap Alt+F keys.
  2. In the Chrome menu, click More tools and then click Extensions.
  3. Remove the PUP.
  4. Open the More tools menu again and click Clear browsing data.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. Select the time range and boxes you want and then click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Access Your Coupons*


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