Access TV Streaming

What is Access TV Streaming?

Access TV Streaming probably sounds like a beneficial extension. One that could help you stream TV. Of course, if it offered free streaming for popular channels, it would be offering illegal services. Instead, it simply provides a list of links to third-party websites that offer paid streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Roku, ESPN, CNN, YouTube, Xfinity, etc. Do you need a tool that could provide you with a list like that? Even if you think that you do, wouldn’t it be better to just bookmark the streaming services you use and have them accessible via the Bookmarks bar on your Google Chrome browser? Some might think that the extension offers convenience, but it offers much more than that, and not all is good. Our team at recommends removing Access TV Streaming, and if you understand the reasons for that, you might want to scroll down to the last section to learn about your options when deleting the unwanted extension. If you are missing some information, keep reading.test

How does Access TV Streaming work?

Access TV Streaming might be offering easy-access links to popular streaming services and video content websites, but it is pretty much identical to Access Online Forms, Online Radio Finder Tab, My Email Checker Tab, and hundreds of other PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). They belong to Eightpoint Technologies Ltd., and they all follow the same privacy policies. The one presented by Access TV Streaming can be found at It is worth taking time to read through this document, but in our eyes, the most important statement is this: “We may share your Personal Information with third parties in many ways and for many reasons.” Therefore, if you decide to use this tool, you have to be very mindful about what kind of personal information you share. Non-personal information can be collected too, and this data could be used to aid third-party advertisers. While the PUP seems like a utility tool that helps access third-party sites, our researchers warn that its search service might be more important for the PUP’s creator. Unfortunately, this is also the service that you cannot trust.

Whether you downloaded Access TV Streaming from (redirects to the installer at or an unreliable source, this PUP must take over the New Tab page with on Google Chrome. When it does that, you can find easy-access links to tons of websites, as well as a search dialog box. If you enter keywords into it, you are redirected via to, or Yahoo Search. You might be content with that, or you might not notice a change if this is your normal search tool you use, but the results are modified by Access TV Streaming. Based on your browsing history and other data that the PUP might record, the sponsored links might be very attractive, and they are likely to be shown as first results. This should increase the chances of you clicking on them. Unfortunately, these links are completely unpredictable, and Yahoo is not responsible for them. Is it dangerous to interact with them? That could the case.

How to remove Access TV Streaming

Access TV Streaming lives in the gray zone, so to speak. It is neither a malicious infection, nor a trusted extension. It offers convenient links to third-party sites, but it also shows ads via modified Yahoo Search results, and it can track information about you. All things considered, we recommend deleting Access TV Streaming, and if you agree, you need to choose the right removal method. Do you think you can handle the PUP manually? We are sure that you can, but can you inspect your system for other threats and also prevent new PUPs or even malware invading it in the future? If you cannot, choose anti-malware software that can remove threats and also secure your system from the moment you install it. Do not be shy about asking us questions if you have any. Post them in the comments area below.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt and F keys.
  3. Open More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Remove the suspicious PUP.
  6. Repeat steps 2-3.
  7. Click Clear browsing data.
  8. Open the Advanced menu.
  9. Select time range and boxes.
  10. Click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Access TV Streaming*


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