What is Access+?

There is an extension that claims that it can enhance Google Search results, and it is called Access+. This extension was created by StreamSoft, which is also the creator that stands behind Access and Stream+ extensions. All three of them are classified as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) because they do not offer useful or trustworthy services. Most likely, this tool was created to serve the agenda of its creator, and we have to consider the worst possible scenarios. Perhaps the PUP was created to spy on you and leak information about you to unknown parties? What if it was created as an advertising tool that exploits the globally trusted Google Chrome search engine to push malicious links? Whatever the case might be, even if you are safe using this extension, it does not offer anything useful, and that is a good enough reason to remove it. If you continue reading, you will learn how to delete Access+ from your browser.test

How does Access+ work?

You might have downloaded the suspicious, potentially unwanted Access+ from the Chrome Web Store. used to the be the page, from which you could install the PUP. It has been taken down, and that might be due to the fact that the extension has gained bad reputation and was taken down by the administrators of the platform. If you downloaded the suspicious extension from an entirely different source, it is most likely that it came bundled with another extension or application. If that is the case, have you already researched these additionally installed pieces? If you have not, we suggest you do it now because it is always possible that something much worse than a PUP exists on your operating system. We recommend installing a malware scanner to inspect your system and determine if there are any threats that require removal. Hopefully, nothing is found, but if threats exist, you want to handle them first. Access+ can wait.

In general, Access+ is not a malicious extension. It does not download additional malware, it does not have keylogging abilities, it cannot hijack your camera or microphone, and it cannot exhaust your CPU power to mine for cryptocurrency. That being said, if you leave this extension installed, your virtual security could be jeopardized. We already know that Access+ modifies Google Search results. It says that itself. You are meant to believe that useful results from a third-party “feed” are injected, but in reality, you might discover sponsored links from unreliable third parties. In fact, we do not know what kinds of parties could push their links via Google Search while the PUP is active, and that uncertainty is the main reason to delete it. You also have to keep in mind that just like most services online, this PUP could track information about you. Even if it is not highly sensitive or personally identifiable, you still need to think if you want to be tracked by yet another suspicious party. If you do not, get on with the removal.

How to delete Access+

Access+ can be deleted using the guide below. It is simple and easy to follow, but should you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. The guide shows where to find the extension and how to clear browsing data. We recommend doing that because it is a good practice to clear cookies, cache and browsing history after a questionable tool is deleted. Obviously, if threats have been found, it is best to leave the removal of Access+ and threats in the hands of trusted anti-malware software. It can automatically erase PUPs and malware, but what is most important is that it also can protect your operating system and browsers in the future. If you do not take care of this, you could face new PUPs and more serious infections soon enough, and we are sure that that is something you want to avoid. Hopefully, you are more cautious about the extensions and applications you install from now on.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Remove the PUP.
  6. Open the More tools menu again.
  7. Click Clear browsing data.
  8. Select the time range and boxes.
  9. Click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Access+*


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