What is AccelerateTab?

AccelerateTab is a Google Chrome browser extension users can install directly from the Chrome Web Store ( If you have not done that yet, you should not install it on your computer. Yes, it is presented as a beneficial piece of software that lists all favorite websites in one place and enables users to access the Google search engine “without opening a new tab,” but it does not mean that it can be trusted fully, so we highly recommend that you install another browser extension instead. If you have already found AccelerateTab next to other active add-ons, disable it mercilessly because it has turned out that it is a potentially unwanted program, or PUP. This means that researchers have found something suspicious about it. On top of that, it might act in an undesirable way. The majority of users do not like that AccelerateTab changes their browsers’ settings. Specifically speaking, it sets a new homepage and New Tab. Luckily, this piece of software is not dangerous malware, so modifications it applies can be undone quite easily. Continue reading to find out how you can do that.testtesttest

What does AccelerateTab do?

The first thing showing that AccelerateTab is not fully trustworthy is the fact that it shares the same ID (jgjafhkemfjfgdmjcmhofijphjmaanak) with Speedial Search. This also suggests that AccelerateTab might be its new variant. Second, the majority of users find changes applied to their browsers undesirable. AccelerateTab sets a new homepage and New Tab making users’ preferred URLs gone. The page set contains a list of websites visited the most frequently. In addition, it contains a search box. This search tool is powered by Google, i.e. it returns Google search results when the search query is entered; however, if you use it to perform web searches, you should be very careful because you might be presented with the so-called modified search results. These search results do not differ much from ordinary search results at first glance, but they are modified to redirect users to certain websites. It is not likely at all that these pages will contain what you are searching for. You should also know that some details about you will be recorded if you use the search tool promoted by AccelerateTab. Potentially unwanted applications cannot access the so-called sensitive information, but they might automatically record non-personal details, for example, users’ search queries, websites they visit, IP address, geographic location, Internet Service Provider, the type and version of the web browser used, etc. Users are told that all these recorded details will be used to improve the service and personalize their experience, but they might be disclosed to third parties too which might use them for totally different purposes.

Where does AccelerateTab come from?

AccelerateTab can be downloaded by Google Chrome users from, but there is basically no doubt that it might affect users’ web browsers without their knowledge as well. Researchers say that this piece of software might be installed next to software downloaded from the web because it travels bundled, as research has revealed. This would explain why users do not know anything about its installation on their computers. As has been observed, users might install AccelerateTab from pop-ups as well with the single click. Pop-up advertisements promoting this extension might be displayed to users if they enter a suspicious website. In some cases, advertisements are displayed to users because they have an adware program installed on their PCs. If it turns out to be the latter case, you must erase the advertising-supported application from your system together with AccelerateTab. Once the potentially unwanted program is removed, install security software on your computer to ensure your system’s protection against new malware.

How to delete AccelerateTab

If you have not installed AccelerateTab, or you have installed it consciously but do not like anything about it, disable this extension today. If you do not even imagine where to start the removal of this potentially unwanted application, you should follow our manual removal guide – you will find it right below this paragraph. Alternatively, you can use an antimalware scanner to clean your system. Most probably, you do not have any security application active on your computer if undesirable software has been installed without your knowledge, so you will need to acquire the scanner for the automatic AccelerateTab removal first.

AccelerateTab removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Select AccelerateTab from the list and click the trash button.
  6. Click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of AccelerateTab*

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