A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526

What is A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526?

A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 is an annoying malware infection that can block your screen with a fake error message and force you to call the provided telephone number. You could call this program a technical support scam or a fake crash screen, but our malware researchers at anti-spyware-101.com have categorized it as a Trojan. The main reason behind it is that this infection spreads over the web through Trojan programs. This program enters your computer without your knowledge even though you need to initiate its download and execution as well. Who would not be frightened to find a full-screen error message on their monitor? A lot of unsuspecting users would definitely reach for the phone and call the supposed technical support telephone number. If you do not want to get scammed and pay for useless services and software, you should remove “A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526” from your computer immediately. Otherwise, you cannot even use your PC because this Trojan blocks your screen and you cannot even kill the processes it operates through. Please continue reading to find out more.

Where does A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 come from?

There are two main ways, according to our researchers, to get infected with this Trojan. And if you know about these, there is a good chance that next time you will be able to avoid such a malware attack and save yourself unnecessary headaches. The most commonly used method is to distribute this Trojan via spam e-mails. This infection can be disguised as an important-to-run kind of attached file. Of course, Trojans have to be tricky and look important because otherwise users would not even consider clicking on them and running them. For the same reason, these spam e-mails can have all kinds of misleading senders and subjects as well in order to fool you. It is one thing that these criminals can trick the spam filters, but another thing to draw your attention to them. They surely have some good tricks up their sleeves; therefore, you should be always cautious when going through your inbox.

Another possible way for A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 to appear on your computer is via freeware bundles. This method is mainly used by adware programs, browser hijackers, and potentially unwanted programs, but Trojans and all kinds of other malware infections can also be found bundled together. These malicious bundles are mainly promoted on questionable file-sharing, gaming, and pornographic websites. It is quite easy to end up on one of these if you run a web search on free software or free movies. If you land on an unfamiliar website, you may click on unsafe content, such as disguised third-party ads. This can result in your downloading such bundles. But, if you let a number of threats onto your computer, removing A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 from your system will not be enough for you to feel secure in your virtual world.

How does A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 work?

Once you run the downloaded file, it creates two executable files (Master.exe and Nigma.exe) in the %AppData%\Master folder. This malicious file will also make sure that Master.exe is executed automatically when your reboot your system or simply log in again. This executable then will display a fake full-screen Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) type of error message. This notification tells you that a “critical error has occurred” and you should “call certified Microsoft technicians at 1-844-208-3526” if you want to “prevent permanent damage” to your system. Scary enough? As a matter of fact, this is not the first time we have seen such a fake BSOD and technical support scam. This Trojan malware is very similar to Screen Locker. An inexperienced computer user would feel scared to see this fake error screen and would most probably call the given number. However, it is quite possible that you will pay a high telephone bill the next month as well as you may be scammed to buy certain “important” promoted programs to fix your non-existing system error. You may also disclose personal information that could be used or misused by criminals. All in all, you can only lose by falling for this vicious trick. Fortunately, we are here to help you and offer you a solution to remove A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 Trojan malware from your system. Are you ready to act?

How can I delete A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526?

Since this infection blocks Task Manager, you cannot really kill its processes. Therefore, it is best to restart your PC in Safe Mode. Then, simply remove all the related files and folders from your system. Please follow our guide below if you want to make sure that you eliminate this threat without leftovers. If such a malware infection has managed to enter your system, you should consider being a more cautious web surfer. Another option for you is to protect your computer with a reliable anti-malware application. What could be more straightforward and efficient than an automated security tool? If you have any issues regarding the removal of A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526, please leave us a comment below.

Reboot your system in Safe Mode

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Restart your PC and tap F8 after BIOS loads.
  2. Select Safe Mode from the menu and hit Enter.

Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

  1. Switch to the Metro UI screen and click the Power button icon.
  2. Tap the Shift key and keep it pressed while you click Restart.
  3. Select Advanced options in the Troubleshooting menu.
  4. Choose Startup Settings and click Restart.
  5. Select Safe Mode by tapping the F4 key.

Remove A critical error Crash Screen call 1-844-208-3526 from Windows

  1. Tap Win+E to launch Windows File Explorer.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and delete it.
  3. Locate and delete %AppData%\Master directory.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Reboot your system.
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