What is 521news.com?

521news.com is a browser hijacker that changes your homepage to s3.amazonaws.com/amazo/RNND/sRCH2.html and redirects your searches. This program comes to your computer without your knowledge and pretends to be a trustworthy search engine. But you will soon find your searches transferred to a different engine each time you use 521news.com. Not only this program does not act in a way it should, but it also can come together with other dangerous programs. We advise that you waste no time and remove this browser hijacker.testtest

Where does 521news.com come from?

Our research team has found that this browser hijacker comes together with the Vonteera adware program. The application attacks people living in the Middle East, especially in such countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. There is an unpleasant thing you have to know. Vonteera sometimes enters your computer as a payload of a dangerous Trojan horse. So, if you found your browser hijacked by 521news.com, it is vital to run a complete scan of your system to detect the possible unwanted programs or even malware.

How does 521news.com act?

The browser hijacker redirects your Internet searches to various search engines. Usually, it is 521news.com or Trickyquestion.com, but sometimes it could be even google.com. We do not think you want to keep such an unpredictable engine. Not only you may find yourself redirected each time you search on the Web, but you may also encounter various advertisement-supported links at the top of your search results. Those links could be shown to increase traffic to suspicious websites, so it is better to avoid clicking on them. Moreover, 521news.com may follow your Internet browsing activities with the help of tracking cookies. And as the browser hijacker acts in such an unpredictable way, a possibility that the collected information about you could be shared with unreliable third parties cannot be excluded. Therefore, we insist that you eliminate the browser hijacker from your system.

Removal of 521news.com

Unfortunately, the most common way of removing unwanted programs via Control Panel does not work in this case. 521news.com affects all the popular browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, by changing their target line. So, to get rid of this hijacker, you will need to manually restore the target line of browser shortcut. Do not worry, we have prepared a guide that will explain you what to do. If something goes wrong, and you are not capable of implementing the removal process manually, there are two things you can do. You can address us explaining your problem in the comment section, or you can acquire the trustworthy antivirus software. We recommend that you do the latter no matter whether you were capable of deleting 521news.com manually, or not. Only legitimate antivirus software will get rid of all the threats that possibly came together with this browser hijacker.

How to remove the browser hijacker

  1. Locate the shortcut of the affected browser on your desktop.
  2. Right-click on it, go to Properties and then to Shortcut.
  3. Remove everything in the Target line after (your browser).exe”.
  4. Click OK.
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