What is 24stream?

24stream could sound tempting as it promises the user will be able to find TV content right from his browser. However, the truth is you can locate such material just the same without even adding the extension in question. All you have to do is pick a trustworthy search engine and type in the right keywords in the search box. As you see, this add-on provides merely a search engine and to make matters worse; it might not be a reliable tool since our researchers report the software could be showing third-party advertising content among the results it may display. Under such circumstances, it is no wonder 24stream falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). If you want to know even more about it, we invite you to keep reading this article. Also, should you decide it is time to get rid of this suspicious extension, do not forget you can use instructions available a bit below this article.testtest

Where does 24stream come from?

To our knowledge 24stream can be downloaded from 24-stream.com or from chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/24stream/ecfodgbkmebfbdibfmddkihfkeeojgce (at the moment of writing the application works only on Google Chrome). Nonetheless, our specialists at Anti-spyware-101.com think the PUP might also travel with bundled setup files of other unreliable applications, suspicious pop-up ads, redirects, and so on. If you think you might have received the extension via one of the listed channels, we would advise you to be more careful next time.

No matter how useful some tools look before clicking the download button, it would be better to find more information about them that could confirm the program you picked is reputable. Moreover, when downloading new software, it is critical to choose reliable sources as sites like the torrent and other P2P file-sharing networks may offer installers bundled with various threats. If being cautious does not look like enough to protect the system we recommend downloading a legitimate antimalware tool. To make sure it can guard the system properly, users should keep it enabled and up to date.

How does 24stream work?

If you take a look at the PUP’s description available on Chrome Web Store page, you should see slides with text saying the “search shortcut” can be activated if the user types “movies” places a space and only then inserts his main keyword into the browser’s address box. After doing this, you should be redirected to a site called 24-stream.com.

Our researchers say the results it could display might show various advertising content from the 24stream’s third-party partners. The worst part is, neither the extension’s Privacy Policy nor its End User License Agreement document reveals where precisely such content might come from. In fact, these papers claim there are no guarantees the third-party content will be reliable. Plus, it is said the application’s creators do not take any responsibility for 24-stream.com or the third-party content it may show. For instance, the ads could advertise other unreliable software, sites inviting to participate in fake surveys, etc.

Therefore, it seems to us it might be a bit risky to search the Internet with it. Even though the PUP looks like it is perfect for finding TV content, trailers, and so on, so could any other search engine you pick as long as you choose right keywords, such as movie, trailer, film, specific title or name, etc.

How to get rid of 24stream?

Users who do not want to keep 24stream have to options to eliminate it. For starters, we would advise accessing your browser’s extensions menu. From here you could try to delete the PUP manually. The other way to erase this application from the computer is to use automatic features. What we mean is you could scan the computer with a legitimate antimalware tool of your preferences. Afterward, users should be able to remove the PUP and other detections the tool might find by pressing the deletion button.

Erase 24stream

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Choose More tools and select Extensions.
  4. Find 24stream.
  5. Tap Remove.
  6. Select Remove again to confirm.
  7. Restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of 24stream*

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