What is is a malicious domain and website designed to promote and distribute the rogue anti-spyware program Green AV. uses deceiving and misleading web pages to entice computer users to download and purchase the Green AV application.

The interface of the webpage looks like a normal Windows OS window, showing an ongoing computer scan, and various found errors. After the fake scan, advices to install a fake antispyware software, and when ignored, will constantly bring pop-ups to Your screen. In addition, could automatically prompt you to download the Green AV program.

Avoid this website, and ignore any warning messages it shows


The reason why you end up on website is because the rogue that it distributes and the website itself is directly related to a browser hijacker that forcefully redirects you to in order to promote the Green AV rogue antispyware. The most annoying thing about hijacker is that it does not display any notifications prior to the redirection.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself forcefully redirected to, you definitely have a Trojan or a few in your system. They arrive at your computer in secret and then modify the system configurations so that from time to time you end up on There, the website presents you with the information on Green AV, which is described as "The World's First Antivirus Which Cares About Environment". It is rather curious as to how an antivirus can be environtment-friendly, but it shows that the creators of Green AV are very keen on deceiving as many users as possible, so they end up using the most unbelievable catch phrases possible.

Do not click on anything on that website, because then you will definitely end up being infected with the rogue antispyware application. Instead, you should consider acquiring a legitimate computer safeguard tool that would scan your system and remove Trojan along with all the other threats that might be residing on your computer.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

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