Reg TuneUp

What is Reg TuneUp?

Reg TuneUp might seem like a useful PC optimizer, but in reality, the benefits of this software are questionable. The program performs a system scan and afterward it may show a report with various computer issues. However, our researchers noticed that most of the detected errors are detections of empty folders or Windows Registry entries, which could have been left after uninstalling software and so on. Naturally, we doubt the deletion of such data could visibly increase computer’s speed or “Drastically improve overall PC performance” like the application’s official website claims. The free version of Reg TuneUp is rather annoying too since it might launch itself automatically and keep suggesting purchasing the full version. Because of its unwanted qualities, the tool was categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). If you do not want to keep it on your computer either, we can offer a manual removal guide placed below the text.testtesttest

Where does Reg TuneUp come from?

The PUP’s installer is available on, the program’s official website. It claims the software is developed by a company that was given the Microsoft Partner Gold Application Development competency title. To check if this well-known company actually recognized REGTU we used Microsoft Partners search tool. As you may have guessed, we could not find Reg TuneUp creators. Because of these false claims, users might consider the application to be more reliable than it is and perhaps even convince them to install the product’s free version or purchase a full one.

How does Reg TuneUp work?

The PUP settles on user’s computer by creating a randomly titled folder in the %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% directory and placing some tasks in the %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks location. The created tasks should be named as Reg Tuneup_DEFAULT, Reg Tuneup_UPDATES, Reg Tuneup. Most likely their functions are to automatically launch the software with the Windows operating system or show you notifications with suggestions to buy the full version. One particular task (Reg Tuneup_UPDATES) might allow the potentially unwanted program to update itself automatically. It is quite possible since Reg TuneUp might be able to connect to the Internet without the user’s knowledge.

Furthermore, according to the description provided on, the tool has an advanced scanning feature that can find registry errors and detect other problems on the user’s computer. If you were to believe the description, fixing the reported issues should visibly enhance the system’s speed and performance. Nonetheless, our researchers at doubt the PUP could be as useful as it may sound. Like it was mentioned before, the application might show errors after detecting empty folders or Registry entries belonging to the software that was not uninstalled completely. Unfortunately, fixing such errors cannot increase your computer’s performance; thus if you expect a considerable system boost, you will be disappointed.

Lastly, it is worth to mention that the free version of Reg Tuneup allows fixing just 14 errors. After all free fixes are used up the PUP should continue to perform system scans and suggest you purchase its full version, which is most like same useless. Since the software does not seem particularly reliable and its benefits are questionable, we would advise you to invest your money on more trustworthy applications.

How to remove Reg TuneUp?

To get rid of Reg TuneUp manually users would have to delete the application’s created files and tasks that were mentioned above. This data is listed in the removal instructions located below too, so if you are up for the task feel free to use the provided steps. As for users who are looking not only for a way to eliminate the PUP, but also secure the system to avoid similar suspicious programs or malicious threats in the future, our specialists would advise installing a legitimate antimalware tool. Just click the scanning feature’s button and wait for a report. Then press the deletion button, and the software will take care of located threats. If you do not forget to update the tool from time to time, it should help you keep the system clean.

Erase Reg TuneUp

  1. Press Windows Key+E.
  2. Insert %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% directory and click Enter.
  3. Find a randomly titled folder, e.g. 26d5n320-c3f0-6f48-94a2-85437631g6aa.
  4. Right-click t and select Delete.
  5. Then go to %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks
  6. Find the following data: Reg Tuneup_DEFAULT, Reg Tuneup_UPDATES, and Reg Tuneup.
  7. Right-click the listed files one by one and choose Delete.
  8. Exit the Explorer.
  9. Erase the PUP’s icon from your Desktop.
  10. Empty the Recycle bin.
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