Pushdo Trojan

What is Pushdo Trojan?

Pushdo Trojan is an exceptionally dangerous Windows infection which was first detected in September of 2007. Unfortunately, the sinister program has prevailed and even became stronger. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, the malicious Trojan can be spread various security vulnerabilities, including corrupted bundled downloads and spam email attachments. If you notice a suspicious email received from an unknown sender with the subject line “Card from Adult Friend Finder” (or similar), you should remove it without opening. As you may already know, a Trojan infection does not have an interface and therefore is extremely difficult to find and delete. Even though you may know nothing about the threat right after it enters the PC, there are some symptoms that can give-out its existence. Have you noticed slower computer performance speeds? Is your PC flooded with suspicious pop-ups? These symptoms can be accredited to various threats, which is why you should scan the PC and delete Pushdo Trojan or other found spyware. Do you know how to remove the infection from your computer?

How does Pushdo Trojan act?

Also known as Backdoor:Win32/Pushdo.A, the malicious Trojan has been created to drop malware and utilize your personal accounts to spread dangerous infections to other systems. The infection is controlled via command and control servers (e.g. hijsoft.ru or shanisoft.kz) which can enable unauthorized and sometimes undetectable processes. It has been discovered that the Trojan may present different HTTP requests to various websites to make Pushdo Trojan activity less noticeable. Additionally, this is what may cause web page rerouting to various suspicious sites. If you notice this activity, you should immediately terminate any browsing sessions and delete malware causing this. To delete Pushdo Trojan you will need to find and remove malignant files, including prohlp02.sys. Is your PC protected by security tools? Unfortunately, the Trojan can disable them in order to run without your knowledge.

How to remove Pushdo Trojan?

The malicious Trojan is extremely clandestine and complicated. It is not our recommendation to perform manual Pushdo Trojan removal because one single mistake could lead to irreversible damage. If you value your digital data and virtual security, you should employ automatic removal tools to delete the Trojan. The sooner you remove all existing infections from the operating Windows system the smaller the risk of having further issues is. Note that if you postpone removal procedures, the vicious Trojan could infect your PC with banking-data stealers, keyloggers, fake security software and other devious applications. In case your Windows system was protected with security tools prior to the entrance of Pushdo, you should consider implementing stronger, more reliable software. Click on the download button to install SpyHunter, a tool which will delete malware and guard against any schemers’ attacks in the future.

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