What is PornHub?

It has been discovered that some computer users struggle with the removal of PornHub tracking cookie. This is a sign of potentially dangerous activity managed by schemers, which is why researchers recommend you read the following information and take appropriate measures to delete PornHub related infections. Note that malicious cookies are unrecorded by many popular security tools, meaning they may exist within your operating system even if it is protected by anti-spyware software.

Why is PornHub dangerous?

The official website of the tracking cookie,, is an adult-content source which requires you to enable HTTP cookies in order to view stored pornographic videos. The site itself is not considered malicious; however, its tacking cookie has been linked to cyber criminals and their deceptive online schemes. So how does this work? Tracking cookies are meant to collect information about your browsing activity. Such information as your location, the time you spend on the website, the video categories you browse and other statistical data is meant to help the site developers to enhance the source and make your browsing experience better. Despite the good intentions, the cookies can be used to collect other private information as well, which is why they are often targeted by schemers.

If cyber crooks manage to hijack the cookie – there is nothing else you should do but get it removed! This is due to the fact that corrupted HTTP cookies can be used for various online activities which are meant to push you into clicking on misleading and dangerous links or pop-up ads. Therefore, if you do not want to remove PornHub related infections, you have to ignore web page rerouting, deceptive online advertisements and additional software installation setups.

How to remove PornHub?

Have you tried to remove PornHub tracking cookies manually? It has been discovered that most Windows users find this impossible, and therefore we recommend having the hijacked cookie deleted with automatic threat removal tool SpyHunter. Download a free computer scanner to detect the infection in case you are not sure of its existence. Have all found infections removed and safeguard your PC with reputable security software which could detect and delete malign cookies in the future.

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