Polizia Postale e Delle Virus

What is Polizia Postale e Delle Virus?

Polizia postale e delle virus is a computer ransomware. It is created by the same people who have spawned FBI Moneypak, Interpol Departament of Cybercrime virus, Gerdarmerie Nationale Virus and other similar computer threats under the Ukash name. These ransomware applications are highly localized as it can be seen from Polizia postale e delle virus. This infection is marketed for Italian speaker users. The message this threat displays covers the entire screen and does not allow the user to access any of his programs.

Polizia postale e delle virus claims that the user's computer has been locked because of illegal media downloads. The message that the program displays a list of quotations from various laws and regulations, and it surely looks convincing. That explains why a lot of users do end up paying 100 euro for Polizia postale e delle virus. They are simply afraid of being arrested. Despite the fact that a number of laws has been passed against pirating, a lot of people still download music illegally, so they might feel there is a ground for the accusations delivered by Polizia postale e delle virus.test

Nevertheless, the user should discern between a real official notice and Polizia postale e delle virus immediately. Paying the fine is not an option, because that will not unlock the computer. The user has to get his desktop back on his own by restarting the computer and loading Safe Mode with Networking.

When the Safe Mode with Networking is loaded, the user has to click on Start menu and type msconfig into the search bar (if your version of Windows does not allow it, open the "Run" program and type msconfig there). When System Configuration window opens, click on the Start Up tab, and uncheck all the programs that are listed there. It should kill Polizia postale e delle virus for a while. Then download a computer security program and restart your computer again.

Once the computer loads normally, launch the computer security program of choice and remove Polizia postale e delle virus from your system.

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