Phase Bot

What is Phase Bot?

Phase Bot is a new rootkit Trojan that focuses on stealth and offers new features for anyone who wants to make use of it. Having this Trojan on your computer means that your system has been compromised by a severe infection, and your privacy has been breached. Phase Bot does not drop any files, so it might be hard to detect this intruder, but it is still possible if you use the newest computer security applications with updated definitions. The point is that unless you remove Phase Bot from your computer, you will be extremely vulnerable to multiple threats and infections.

Where does Phase Bot come from?

To be honest, Phase Bot can be purchased for 0.8 Bitcoin as the rootkit’s creators have published information about this newest release in public. However, when it comes to ordinary users and their computers, chances are that Phase Bot is not the only malicious infection in your system.

This Trojan usually spreads via spam email messages and fake download links in torrent and other file-sharing websites. Should you ever receive an email message from an unfamiliar sender, do not open the attachment. Spam email messages are often rather random, and they almost always have attachments that contain the infection setup file.

The same applies to fake download buttons in torrent websites as well. Do not just click anywhere because you can never know what kind of download you can initiate.

What does Phase Bot do?

As mentioned above, Phase Bot is a new type of rootkit that is highly stealthy. Usually, when a Trojan enters target system, it drops its own files, but that is not the case with Phase Bot. Rather than creating its own files, this Trojan installs itself in the Windows registries. As a result, it allows the Trojan to inject itself in some of the most critical system processes, such as rundll32.exe.

On opt of that, once Phase Bot has taken over the original system processes, it begins creating new ones. This way, depending on what the hackers want it to do, Phase Bot can run in your system undetected for a while. It is no surprise that some rootkit scanners do not and cannot detect this infection because Phase Bot has a hooking engine. This engine allows the infection to avoid being detected.

How do I remove Phase Bot?

Unfortunately, removing Phase Bot on your own might be a bit of a task for an ordinary computer user. This is not an adware application or a browser extension that can be easily uninstalled via Control Panel.

Unless you are a computer security expert, you should resort to using a licensed antispyware tool. Don’t forget that by investing in a computer security tool of your choice, not only will you be able to remove Phase Bot for good, but your system will also be protected from harm 24/7. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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