PC Security Guardian

What is PC Security Guardian?

Despite various campaigns by online security companies to educate its consumers on the folly of allowing rogue security tool to run wild on their systems, many consumers still fall prey to the vicious lies PC Security Guardian rogues and such. This rogue antispyware application in particular enters the system without the consent of the user, and lodges itself securely in the PC before starting its attack.
The user will remain unaware of the presence of PC Security Guardian on the system until such time that it starts its attack on the PC. This will be heralded by various fake security alerts spamming the user with fake information. None of these falsely generated security notifications are to be trusted, as they are completely fake and without merit.

Despite what PC Security Guardian would like its victims to believe, it does not own the ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system, and is nothing more than a rubbish infection in itself. Symptoms associated with this rogue include blocked Internet connections and poor system performance.

Take back control of what is rightfully yours and get rid of PC Security Guardian while there is still time. This is best done by investing in a genuine security tool which will also offer future protection.

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