PC Optimizer Pro

What is PC Optimizer Pro?

PC Optimizer Pro is a fake system optimization tool. It is a rogue program that displays a list of fake notifications and errors. PC Optimizer tries to convince the infected user to buy the fake program, saying it can improve the overall system performance. PC Optimizer Pro also says that the errors can be taken care of, only if the user acquires the full version of the program.

This fake system optimization tool can enter the system in secret through a drive-by download. It also can be installed unwittingly by the user himself. During the installation PC Optimizer Pro adds autorun subkeys into the registry, and as a result PC Optimizer Pro runs automatically at every system start. You will not miss out on this infection, because this rogue has a desktop icon and an interface.testtest

It performs a fake system scan and finds a lot of supposed errors that need to be fixed immediately. Or so it says. The user should not purchase the full version of PC Optimizer Pro, because he would lose his money. What is more, this action would also reveal the user's financial information to the people who have created PC Optimizer Pro, and the user's bank account would be hacked.

PC Optimizer Pro cannot be allowed to stay in the system as well, because it slows down the overall computer performance. Therefore, the user must remove PC Optimizer Pro from the system. To terminate this program manually, kill its processes, and delete all PC Optimizer Pro's files and registry subkeys. To erase this program automatically, get yourself an antimalware program and run it to get rid of PC Optimizer Pro for good.

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