PC Fix Speed Virus

What is PC Fix Speed Virus?

PC Fix Speed Virus is a fake registry cleaner that pretends it can optimized your system and help you improve your overall system performance. Although this program is not a genuine virus, you cannot leave it on your PC. Its malicious nature manifests in the fact that PC Fix Speed Virus cannot be removed from Control Panel, unless you buy the full version of this application. No legitimate program would make you buy the license in exchange for the possibility to remove it. Therefore, you have to acquire a powerful antimalware tool and remove PC Fix Speed Virus from your PC as soon as possible.

What does PC Fix Speed Virus do?

After installation, PC Fix Speed Virus jumps into action and performs a full system scan. It claims that it can fix various issues in your system in order to improve your PC performance. However, you need to keep in mind that PC Fix Speed Virus obviously exaggerates the scan results and tries to make you think that you have multiple system errors that actually do not even exist. For example, this is one of the messages displayed by PC Fix Speed Virus right after the scan:


Your system registry contain errors.

Registry errors found: 54

We recommend removing errors by clicking on the Remove Now! button.

Naturally, no system registry is 100% free of errors and unnecessary entries. They always occur when you install and then uninstall software programs. However, it is very likely that PC Fix Speed Virus will not fix your system even when you do pay for the full version.


How to remove PC Fix Speed Virus?

PC Fix Speed Virus removal aside, you need to make sure that you don't get infected with it in the first place. This fake registry cleaner is promoted by flash advertisements and freeware that can be downloaded at third party websites. For example, if you see a pop-up add on your screen that says your computer is working slower than it should, it is very likely that this add promotes PC Fix Speed Virus.

Since you cannot remove PC Fix Speed Virus unless you pay for the program, you should invest in a powerful antimalware tool that will terminate PC Fix Speed Virus for you automatically. DO NOT PAY for PC Fix Speed Virus, because the program cannot live up to its promises. Acquire a legitimate antimalware tool instead and delete PC Fix Speed Virus from your PC for good.

Automatic PC Fix Speed Virus Removal

Users are often recommended to choose automatic malware removal with an automatic tool, because it is fast, safe and efficient. To remove PC Fix Speed Virus automatically, download SpyHunter, install the program and perform a full system scan. You can also perform a manual PC Fix Speed Virus removal, but that is not a good idea unless you are an experienced computer users.

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Manual PC Fix Speed Virus Removal

In order to terminate this malware on your own, you need to remove malware-related files and stop malicious processes. If you are not familiar with Windows Registry Editor, you are advised to choose automatic removal, otherwise you might end up removing important system files. However, to proceed with the manual removal, do the following:

1) Stop these processes:

2) Delete these registry entries via Registry Editor:

3) Delete these files:


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